thread: Fluid found around heart

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    Fluid found around heart

    Put this in second trimester but thought i would put it here as well.

    Went for my 18 week scan today and all was going well at first but the technician kept looking at the heart over and over till i was worried. Then she said she couldnt really view it very well and to sit up for awhile. as baby was very low in my pelvis and wouldnt move away from there. Anyway she leaves the room to check how scans looked, and i knew she was going to talk to someone else. She came back and said she had seen some fluid around the heart and at first said i want you to come back next week, then she said look i think its nothing so dont worry about it. Then as i was leaving she runs out and says i really want you to come back in 4-6 weeks to have it looked at again. So now i am supposed to wait all that time to see if everything is ok. You just start to relax and think its ok and then something else happens. Anyone had a similiar thing come up in their scans???

    Also found out i am having a boy so happy about that

    Wish i could just enjoy this time instead of having a constant stress headache.

    Thanks for reading

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    I haven't had this happen to me, however medical staff are pretty good when something isn't right and they would have had you referred back to your OB or carers immediately, to get different tests started if there was anything to be worried about. They won't just leave it for 4-6 weeks.

    Try not to worry about anything, and enjoy knowing that you've got a beautiful baby boy growing inside you. :boy:


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    Hugs - hope you are ok

    As wardygirl says, I am sure that your ultrasound reports have been sent the the relevant medical practitioners, and they will keep an eye on things for you.

    Congratulations on your little boy - try to have a relax and try not too worry.

    Best wishes

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    I seen my doctor yesterday and he explained what the report meant and really it seems to be nothing. Seems i ended up with an over zelous technician and they had thought rhesus could be a factor but doctor said because of my blood type its not possible.
    So i will still have another scan in 6 weeks time to double check everything is ok, but more confident now that it probally will be.
    Tried to relax more today and went baby laybying, 300 dollars later i am feeling a bit better

    Thanks for your support

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    That is WONDERFUL news Serendipity!!! That must be a huge relief for you!!
    Congrats on your little boy as well!!!! \/

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    Glad to hear everything is ok Serendipity!!

    Phew hey!!!!

    Congratulations - now you can really relax!

    Seeya and best wishes