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    Hi - My OB said that my placenta is sitting at the front (is this called Anterior Placenta?). This explains why it may take longer for me to feel kicking etc. She said that up to 50% of women have this and it is nothing to worry about.
    A friend told me that unless it moves in the next 20 weeks (which I guess is quite likely) that I would likely have to have a caesar? any of you heard this??
    Also what else does this cause (bleeding?, different shaped bump?, pain?)
    Any insights appreciated!!! Thanks

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    Hey Pregpan

    I have an anterior my Ob can either be anterior or posterior, so you really it's a 50:50 chance...

    It did take a little longer for me to feel the baby...probably started to feel real movements at about 19 weeks...and I'm now 22 weeks and feel the baby more and more...

    Regarding the shape of the bump, pain, bleeding, etc...I'm not sure...I haven't heard that any of these things are issues...but I'm new to all of this as well!

    Wishing you all the best!

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    hey i was told my placenta is at the front (anterior) not sure in what position at the front... i am 17 weeks today and have felt a few kicks but the stronger ones are at the sides... havn't heard anything about bleeding or pain like others have said ots either at the front or at the back so no big deal... think its just when the placenta is too low re position that can cause problems

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    I also have an anterior placenta. This does not mean you will need a c/s. It can mean though that the baby may sit posterior as they usually like to face the placenta. Apparently this can be a problem delivering the baby. But this is only from what i have read.

    I am 15 weeks tomorrow and swear that i have felt movements, but they are always to the sides of my belly.

    Good Luck,


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    I had an anterior placenta too. I didnt feel her kicking until about 19-20 weeks. Threr were no pains or bleeding caused by the location of my placenta.

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    ohhh i hope it dosn't mean a posterior baby

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    I had an anterior placenta with both Charlie and Lexie........and gave birth vaginally without any issues or pain relief after trouble free pregnancies........

    A friend told me that unless it moves in the next 20 weeks (which I guess is quite likely) that I would likely have to have a caesar?
    This is incorrect. I think your friend has got muddled with placenta previa.

    As far as I am aware, anterior or posteria placenta is just a phrase to describe where the placenta is sitting: it'll make no odds either way. Nothing at all to worry about.

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    I have an anterior placenta, that was 26mm away from the cervix opening at 19wks. I was told by sonographer that I would need to come back for another u/s at 34wks.But my doc said that he is not too concerned, that it will move up with my growing uterus and not be a problem.

    I didnt feel any kicks until 19wks and now at 25 wks I am getting lots and lots of movement but nothing overly strong. I just think this is because I have a delicate princess

    I havent had any bleeding or pain and I dont think my bump shape is any different than someone elses!

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    Thanks for the reassurance guys - i thought my friend may have mixed up anterior and previa re the c section but thought i would check with you all!
    Good to hear there are no other things to worry about with it, the OB said exactly that but of course my mind started wandering once i got home and thought about it all!

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    Mine's anterior, and I can see and feel exactly where it is sitting as my bump is higher on that part of my tummy! Very freaky.

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    Your friend is wrong you will not need a C/S because of an anterior placenta. It will also not have any other effects apart from perhaps you not feeling our baby move until a few weeks after other women do.

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