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    I've had endless experiences with doctors with relating to pregnancy problems and I don't have 100% confidence with the doctors opinions, so I would like some advice from other parents to be.
    I am currently 26 weeks with my fourth pregnancy. All have been conceived with hormone therapy / IVF cycles due to polycystic ovaries.The first I was told I had pre-eclamsia and diabetes, I was hospitalised for 8 weeks from 30 weeks, before an emergency cesarean Hayley weighed just 5 pound ( i had no side-effects all through my pregnancy), my second pregnancy the doctors worried from week to week, I felt completely fine, Brooke was born, naturally at exactly 40 weeks weighing just under 9 pound, my third pregnancy, I knew didn't feel right and I asked for numerous blood tests to check for viability, these were done as well as two ultrasounds, but by the time I was 9 weeks I miscarried, then had a D& C. One week later my fallopian tube burst due to a twin baby, I was devastated as I asked the doctor to rule this out weeks earlier due to the intense pain and brown blood.

    Now, I'm finally pregnant again, four years on, and doctors are starting to do all the worrying again, I know in my heart that everthing is fine. I was told today that my fundal height is 32 cm and is too big compared to my gestational age of just 26 weeks. Diabetes has been ruled out, and the dates are correct since I know exactly when my eggs were put back.

    Has anyone had this experience? I'm not tall, just 5 foot 2, my hubby is 6 foot though.

    Any experiences would be reassuring.

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    I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your twin babies

    Congrats on your pregnancy and getting to 26 weeks!

    My FH at 26 weeks also was 32cm and has consistantly measured 6-7 weeks ahead this whole pregnancy. The OB initially worried also and sent me for tests including diabetes, fluid levels and baby's size. I was scan dated at 5weekish so the dates are correct.

    Turns out I am having a big baby according to the scan, in the 90th percentile. I'm not worried, doctors have been talking about more monitoring and me being open minded about the possibility of a c-section but they are going to have to give me a better reason than a big baby for that. I'm short also, around 5ft and my partner is over 6ft.

    If your last baby you birthed was 9lb, it seems that it is likely that your baby is just large and that's perhaps why the FH is measuring ahead. There is a lot of debate if FH is even an accurate indication of anything and if they should worry about measuring it. It really depends who you ask. The hospital OBs worry about it here, yet my GP who is a retired OB has never worried about it measuring so far ahead.

    Due to your past history, it's actually a good thing that the doctors are watching you carefully although it doesn't feel like it sometimes LOL. I've had complications in my last pregnancies and I resented being monitored weekly, but I know it's best for bubs now as irritated as I feel about it sometimes.

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    Rest, take it easy and tune into your inner wisdom. You have been there and you know your pregnant body. Is seeing another doctor an option? Even if only for a new perspective in regards to your fundal height and pregnancy in general? Maybe an alternative health practitioner could be helpful if you feel at odds with your usual specialists?

    All the best,

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    Fundal heights are stupid! I was told off for mine being a month behind and I let that midwife have it, especially as I'd just had a growth scan because another midwife was so worried.

    I now have a big, happy, healthy baby. I say ban fundal heights, they only serve to worry us!

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    I too had out of whack fundal heights a few times (measured 30 weeks at 26 weeks and 32 weeks at 36 weeks) but my midwives were utterly unconcerned, they said it was a useful indicator of potential problems only if the results were consistently out in the same direction every time. Even then it was only a reason to consider a scan, not a true indicator of anything.

    It sounds like you've got a nice big keeper cooking in there . I'd go by your instincts. If you think all is fine, then all is fine. :-)

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    Hi there,i am only 5"1 at 40 weeks i mesured 46 weeks he was a big baby 10lb, lots of test done but nothing showed up.

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