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Thread: gaining to much weight

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    Default gaining to much weight

    Ive gained about 25lbs in 19weeks. i read that you were only soppost to gain around 25 to 35 lbs through out your whole pregnacy. I was a very small person before i got pregnate, and im still not huge, but is there something wrong with gaining so much so soon?

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    I'm not sure - I have read that smaller women can gain a lot more weight than larger women. I know many women who have gained 20 kgs (44 pounds) in their pregnancies.

    I'm 16w and have gained 2-3 kgs (that's about 6 pounds).

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    I'm not sure about gaining so much so soon but i do know that on average if you weighed lighter pre-preg then you'd probably put on a lot more weight than if you weighed heaver pre-preg.

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    I gained most of my weight in the first 20 weeks. I really wouldn't worry, each woman gains different amounts. I actuallly gained pretty much nothing after 30 weeks. I have seen this happen quite often. xo

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    I personally think that telling women what they 'should' put on during pregnancy is so wrong. It doesn't really take into account your size, what no. pregnancy it is, nor the babies size or even the amount of fluid you're carrying.

    Provided you're eating relatively healthily and your GP doesn't seemed concerned (do try to keep active though!), then you probably don't have anything to worry about.

    I put on most of my weight in the 24-30 week range but some people don't put on much til the end and others put it all on early on.

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    This is something that needs to be changed IMO. I don't agree with books telling women how much weight gain is acceptable in pg. Woman vary so much in their body types to begin with let alone during pg. I think so long as there is no underlying reason for massive weight gain or small weight gain you should be fine and be 'allowed' to let your body do what it is going to do. I put on 24, 27 and 20kg with my 3 pg's and the doc always said that was fine. All 3 pgs varied as to what stage I put the bulk of the weight on too.

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