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Thread: gastro???

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    maggie Guest

    Default gastro???

    Hi, I am 18 half weeks preg, last night, I woke up with the worst stomach cramps, so bad I couldn’t even move, then the gas started(TMI) so I finally got myself to the loo and I had diarrhea, like full on.

    Anyhow once I got over the initial emptying as to speak, the pain more or less went away, then I was just full of gas. I feel ok now, now just a bit tender. Should I be concerned, could I have done some harm. Can a 24 hr gastro sickness, or food poisining effect an 18weeks old fetus..

    Have many others suffered this in pregnancy
    also I drank I think over a litre of milk yesterday( I was craving for it) could this have caused it. Thanks…

    PS- hopefully it is a one off, and not a sign of something more severe to come

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    hi maggie, i cant help you too much but i advise you strongly to stay away from all dairy products for atleast 24-48 hours to give your stomach some relaxing time.

    milk is a very heavy dairy product and maybe your tummy wasnt up for it

    hope it goes away soon!

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    I think if it was gastro it would have been more constant IYKWIM? Because it was just a once off and not continuous it was probably just a tummy upset. Which was possible cause by all the milk you drank yesterday. I'd give that a miss for a little while now, even though you were craving it, and maybe until you're well clear stick with maybe flat lemonade or water and dry biscuits JIC.

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    maggie Guest


    Thanks girls, it was like one off, and hasnt happened again,dont think there was anything left in me... will stick to no dairy defi for a few days & wow i have been loving my milk.....

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    julesy Guest


    That is so wierd! I had exactly the same thing, and I was 18 weeks too! Just last week I had diarhoea and vomiting (only once during the ngiht) and then was nauseous and weak for the rest of the easter weekend! (Not much fun on the easter break I can tell you). I had the same concern, that it might have harmed my baby, but a girlfriend of mine had it when she was pregnant and said that as long as you didn't get a raised temperature with the gastro, everything should be fine. The virus that causes the gastro cannot have affected the baby at all. It just means that your intake of nutrition is down for a few days while your tummy recouperates. I am right as rain now, but I was worried, like you.

    We keep forgetting that even though we are pregnant and on cloud nine, these things do happen, and it's best just to ride it out and see a doc if your concerned. This is the time of year for gastro, so be careful! (I should listen to my own advice...)


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