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Thread: great dr's appointment..

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    sajemsha Guest

    Thumbs up great dr's appointment..

    Well I went for my 16 week antinatal, I met the doc that will be doing the ceaser, he's as cool as a cucumber, thankgoodness. He put me at ease about everything. I HEARD THE HEARTBEAT! YAY
    I'm now booked in for an ultra sound on the 16th of March, I'll be between 19 and 20 weeks. Then I go back and see the doc on the 29th of March, I'll be about 21 weeks then, I can't get in to him before then because he'll be away.
    When I go back to the doc I'll then be booked in for the caeser. Things move so fast in this town, this seams so early to me... Anyway, at 21 weeks I'll have the exact date my baby will be born
    Take care all.

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    Scans are so exciting, more so when you get to hear bubs h/b. It seems like forever between obs appointments, especially when you will be having a scan! Are you going to find out the sex?

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    Tammy05 Guest


    Your due around the same time as me! I have my 20week scan on the 30th March and I am so looking forward to it. Goodluck with yours.
    I to will be having a c-section most probably 9 days early.

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    sajemsha Guest


    hi girls

    I really really want to find out what I'm having, I really hope I do I've had all my ceasers at 38w + 5d so hopfeully I can get something along those lines. You have your scan the day after mine Tammy, are you going to find out what your having? I've got a feeling I'm going to have another girl, probably because Dh so much wants another girl Either way I'll be happy.

    The next dilemma is my mother in law wants to come to the ultra sound, but we just want us to me (Dh & I) she didn't even ask, when I told her the date she said what time, I'll be off work early ect ect, I know I know I should of just said then and there we didn't want her there, but she's the types who sulks for days if she misses out on what she wants I guess if she mentions it again I'll just have to say something.... It probably seams mean but we just want this special moment to ourselves and this will probably be the last one ever.

    Take care,
    Big tummy rubs

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