thread: Gums Bleeding, Extra Saliva, Bad Breath?

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    Carla707 Guest

    Gums Bleeding, Extra Saliva, Bad Breath?

    Well in my early stages of pregnancy my gums started to bleed when I brushed my teeth, even sometimes out of no where they will just start to bleed. I know that this is normal, from what Ive read, and my Aunt said that hers bled too. Well I am now 27wks and they still bleed... but Ive also noticed that I have more saliva in my mouth, or maybe it just seems that way, but I dont remember having so much before I was pregnant. It also seems like Im having bad breath and I never had that problem before. I brush my teeth and use Listerine 2-3 times daily. Is the bad breath being caused by the bleeding and the extra saliva? Is the extra saliva normal? I am kind of concerned so your help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

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    Mar 2004

    Hi Carla,
    Are you flossing? Most of the bad smells in our mouth are caused by bacteria which are found more between the teeth than on them also try giving your tongue a quick brush as well as your teeth. Flossing will probably make your gums bleed but that is an indication that you should continue flossing not discontinue it. Also you could try eating an apple (whole not cut up) once a day. Biting into it and chewing it gives your gums a good massage which is good for dental health.
    If you are feeling a bit self-concsious just chew some gum. I love spicy garlicky foods so I never go out to dinner without taking some gum with me.

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    Melinda Guest

    Hey Carla,

    I'd suggest going to the dentist to have your teeth checked and cleaned. They recommend that you do this at least once during PG. The reason is that the 'usual' amount of plaque that is on your teeth etc is not tolerated as well during PG, resulting in bleeding gums. Basically all the hormonal changes and things make your gums and teeth more sensitive to the plaque, so it's best to get them cleaned professionally at least once - I have. My gums still bleed most days when I brush them, but don't panic - it really is normal, but as I said, it's always a good idea to get your teeth checked as there is a tremendous drain on your body during PG!! It's funny that I have never had a filling before in my life and when I had my teeth checked this time, they discovered that I needed 2 small fillings which will be done after the little tiger is born! So there's evidence of the drain on your body LOL and I'm certainly having a lot more calcium etc than what I ever was before!!!