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Thread: Had my scan!

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    sajemsha Guest

    Smile Had my scan!

    My due date has changed, only by a couple of days though, it was the 7th Aug, now it's the 5th Aug, she said that's what they'll go by now, so there you go I'm a couple of days ahead.
    Everything is great, the baby is perfect thankgoodness.
    She reconfirmed it's a girl, well she's as sure as you can be with an ultra sound. Now we just have to pick out a name!
    I went around and told MIL and she said wow another girl, then she sat next to me and said 'I'm a bit concerned though, I'm not sure how it's going to fit in'. I said why woundn't it? I'm sure she will fit in with three other girls.... BUT she wasn't talking about that. She said 'no your just so big now, how is it going to fit in. she was talking about the baby fitting into me.... HOW RUDE. I'm 20 weeks pregnant, arn't I suppose to look pregnant!
    Anyways, I might just stay away from her today... my hubby and girls and I are happy with how things are going, so that's all that counts.
    Big tummy rubs all, take care....

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    That's exciting that you found out you are 2 days ahead now and all is healthy and well! Congrats... don't worry about what she said... that's quite rude what she said but ppl say things for the strangest reasons or for no reasons at all... concentrate on your immediate family and their support as that is all that matters :P

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    Yay that your scan went well!! Pfft at the comment about her not fitting in. Dont listen to dub comments like that. Youve obviously managed it 3 times previous?

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    sajemsha Guest


    Thanks girls, my MIL hadn't seen me much during my last pregnancies, so she wouldn't really know what I looked like through the pregnancies. I know I get huge, but oh well, I guess some people do, after all we're all different, right!
    I'm well and bub is well, so that must count for something.
    We're all so excited about having another girl, I can't wait!

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    pint Guest


    Phhhhhfffffft and double that. How rude. Just ignore your MIL.
    Who cares how huge u get? As long as you and baby are ok is what is important.

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    I know how you feel, the extent of my MIL's interest was "Are you fat yet? ". My FIL rang me seperately (they are married) and asked all the right questions about how I was feeling etc. Think it stems from the fact she mentioned before wanted a gap between her kids and grandkids, her youngest is 15 and her oldest (My DH) is 26. Not my fault she choose to have four kids and took and 8yr gap between No2 & No3.

    I had been ringing them for 2 weeks to try get their postal/email address to send them ultrasound photos & no one returned my calls. Yet she made a huge point of telling DH she had rung Friday night to see how his op went when she rang on Saturday and that I didn't answear my phone. I told Dh that I had my phone on silient as I was in hp visiting him and I had actually called back and left a message saying he was ok less then 10mis after she tried calling. I always tell my friends when they get married make to an only child but I may need to change that to only child with no mother. Yet my FIL is such a sweetie, he sent me flowers as soon as we told them i was pg and sometimes rings just to speak to me and see how I am doing.

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    Congrats on the great scan - that is the most important thing.

    What a weird thing for the MIL to say - i don't even understand it - she sounds like a cow - sorry if that's harsh but come on - what was she implying - sometimes women are far worse then men in their comments - you'd think she'd know better having been pregnant before - I'd let my waters break on her floor boards if i were you - lol

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    Oh what beautiful news sweetie!

    You only get what you are meant to have right? This little girl picked you for her mother so she is very much meant to be a girl!

    Happy and healthy baby, what more can a Mamma ask for right!

    Congrads to you all.

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    Great to hear your scan went well.... and you are havng a little girl

    I noticed in ur sig that you are due 2 days before me and you are going to call your little girl Montana?? Well So am I!!! lol.. That is so weird I think... 2 little girls due within days of each other and having the same name

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