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    Default Hair loss

    Just wondering...

    I know you're supposed to get luscious locks when you're pregnant but i have the complete opposite! All my hair is falling out (well that's what it feels like anyway!)

    This is my third pregnancy... I can't remember it happening in the first one but it definitely happened in the second one and it's horrible!

    Does anyone else in the world have this problem??? Or am i completely weird???

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    I was told its a common pg thing, i feel like if it keeps going i will be a bald mummy by the time bubs is your not alone and not weird!!

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    I have some grey hairs now. I never did! I don't think you get nice hair as such when you are pregnant. Well, not me anyway. Maybe an old wives tale......

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    my hair seems to be growing more now its still its own damaged self at the ends but the stuff coming in looks ok i think u can go either way with it same as with ur finger nails???

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