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    After having DS last year I started shedding everywhere. It stopped after a few months but recently I have started again. Is this pregnancy related? It is not just a bit but lots. This morning I even found hair in DS's nappy which is strange because DH put the nappy on him last night, I was no where near so how does my hair end up between his bum cheeks ?

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    Hiya Macca,

    I looked like an old man with a receading hairline when I was pregnant with my daughter, it was hideous. It wouldn't have been as bad if I just got thin all over but I just lost it either side near my temples. And it took ages to grow back.
    Before my first baby I had DEAD straight hair, the kid of hair that you would spend hours curling and it would fall out within 10 minutes, I even got a perm many year ago and it lasted a week. When I got pregnant with my first my hair started to get curly underneath real ringlets, with my daughter I started to do the old man thing but the rest of my hair (the top layer this time) went curly and still is! My hair dresser couldn't believe it she said she had seen changes during pregnancy before in hair but nothing quite so dramatic or that actually lasted after.
    I dread to think what my hair is going to do this time.
    My hair is long and if you anything like me you find your hair just about anywhere in the house so in the nappy is probably just the start of alll the fun places you will find it!

    All the best
    Cheers Missy

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    Hi Macca,
    I was losing it by the handful - but it has slowed down over the last week or so (thank goodness!). I would literally fill up the shower drain and then a hairbrush - and it would be all over the floor!!!
    When I was pregnant with DD I ended up with 2 patches on either side of my forehead that were bald...not pretty but manageable (ponytails were out for a while )...
    A friend told me that fish-oil caps are magic but I'm not sure they help.
    But - yes - hairloss is normal!!!
    Hope that puts your mind at ease! All the best for a fabulous pregnancy!

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