thread: Hairiness

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    Jul 2007


    Hi everyone, I have always heard/ been told that you may get hairier in pregnancy, but the exact opposite has happened for me! I haven't had to wax my eyebrows since July and even "down there" is looking good!

    What are your experiences with HAIR?????

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    Enchanted Guest

    I wish that happened to me! My stomach got really hairy and it still is! *Gross*

    After I had my DS though my hair hardly grew at all for the first 6 weeks but it soon went back to normal

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    Oct 2004

    I got hair on my chin! gross!!! And a snail trail too.
    Theyre gone now though, so thats good

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    Mar 2007

    Pregnancy has definitely make me feel hairier! My brows grew faster than usual. But down there, there's not too much changes, but my hair definitely grew faster!

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    Feb 2005
    Boyne Island

    I get so hairy.. My tummy especially It seems to all fall out within a month though

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    Jun 2006
    In the middle of Pink and Blue!!!

    Im not quite in the second trimester yet but i know how you feel. I only shave my legs once a week and they are not even bad. I have not had a hair cut in 4 months and its hardly grown at all( i usually wear my hair up and have worn it down a few times and friends think that i have had my hair cut again.)
    My last two pregnancy's i have grown hair like its going out of fashion.

    I have heard that if you hair grows lots it a boy and if it slows down its a girl??
    Wives tale though but maybe true.
    I will find out if its true of christmas eve( we find out the sex)

    HTH Nikki

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    Dec 2006

    I posted a thread in my first tri because my tummy got really hairy! I was worried! Funny.
    I'm used to it now, and i'm sure it will all fall out. Nowhere else got hairy, and i heard i was meant to get lovely flowing hair on my head...but it's still the same i'm afraid.

    Well nikki, your old wives tale might be right...we are having a boy, and my tummy is hairy, so maybe!

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    Jul 2007

    Hmmmn- I feel like this might be a bubby girl! Either way- I love having less hair- for the meantime!

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    Feb 2005
    Boyne Island

    wel hate to break the old wives tale.. I have been really hairy with all my pregnancies.. 3 boys and we have been told this one is a girl..

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    May 2007
    Perth, WA

    Face and tummy got hairier. Went for 8 weeks though without a leg wax and still didn't really need it!! And I am always a 5 week waxer!

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    Sep 2007

    I've never been a shaver/waxer, but mostly because I'm lazy and have very fair body hair. Since being pregnant I've probably lost about 75% of my body hair, my legs are nearly as smooth as a baby's bum and it is so fine now it's almost invisible. My head hair, eyebrows/lashes, pubes and underarm hair are all pretty much the same thickness and consistency as before, but grow slower (actually, my underarm hair stopped growing years ago, it does that if you don't ever cut it).

    Mine's a boy, so I'm not sure what that does to the theory!

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    Butterfly_Princess Guest

    OOOH!! I have a "snail trail' up and down from my belly button. I was getting all shy about it around DP, and he said it was coz i was PG...thought he was just making me feel better about it though, but it seems to be true then huh?? *phew* feel so much better about it now...*walks aound showing every one her hairy tum*