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Thread: Happy kick or angry kick

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    Fraser Guest

    Default Happy kick or angry kick

    Hi guys,

    Recently of an evening I have been experiencing some pretty massive kicks from Bubs - I have been looking forward to that time when I lie down and place my hand on my tummy and feel him wriggle around and kick about.

    But I had a paranoid thought the other day - are these happy kicks or angry kicks???? is he trying to tell me 'Hey stop with all the ice cream, I don't like it' or is he just happy and relaxed.

    It really has me perplexed, so last night I got a bit thoughtful about it and decided to pat my bulge in a re-assuring way - this only made it worse - he came out with some HUGE kicks and rolls, did I accidentally rub his sensitive skin, who knows!

    Anyway was just wondering, am I creating an angry personality that doesn't exist - or can bubs as young as 22 weeks in utero have emotions???

    I'm going to send myself crazy by 40 weeks......

    Cheers, Em

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    Fee Guest


    I've often wondered this too! When I flew to Melbourne the other weekend bubs kicked heaps - I wondered if he/she was enjoying the flight or hated it!

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    Fraser Guest


    Hey yeah! I wonder if they can feel the change in pressure - and you know when your tummy drops out when you take off, does that happen to Bubs also???? I'd never even thought of that!

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    Maggie turned the weekend that we flew, she moved around so much, it was really uncomfortable. Don't if she was due to turn then, or if the flight prompted it.

    So hard to know what they react to. I found the movements comforting, even if they were a bit rough at times.

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    OHHH I can't wait to be kept up at night from kicks and movements... it must be so special... ( I can understand quite annoying at times too!) but still just beautiful!!!

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