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Thread: Has anyone had bleeding from the Cervix during pregnancy?

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    Default Has anyone had bleeding from the Cervix during pregnancy?

    I was admitted to hospital on New Years Day Night after waking up to a large amount of blood coming out of me.

    After arriving at the hospital and further tests done it was shown that I had bleeding from my cervix. I think they called it 'erosion of the cervix'.

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and whether it meant that they had to have a 'c section' delivery.

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    Bec Guest



    I have not had any bleeding atm, but I have been told I have cervical erosin of my cervix.

    I hope you are ok now? that must have been scary.

    I also have not had anyone say to me that I will need a c/section.

    Good luck, I hope someone else can give you better advice.


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    Wow how scary for you.

    I am sorry I am not much help as I have never heard of "erosion of the cervix"., I am sure one of the girls in here could help you with your question.

    I just wanted to say I hope everything is ok now and hope you haven't had anymore bleeding.

    Take Care

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    Hope the bleeding is subsiding, and there is nothing worse than going to hospital on a public holiday
    I had bleeding and it was found to be thinning of the cervix and eventually Incompetant Cervix, I have not heard of erosion though.
    I did have a Narural Delievery and because my cervix was so squishy had no pains during dilation. I chose my next pregnancy to have a stitch put in and had a elect c-sect as they had to give me a spinal to get the stitch out anyway.
    Good luck with the pregnancy

    From what I gather it is like a nose bleed..sorry the pun. The vessels are sensative to touch and start to bleed. I hope whatever way you decide to birth is what is best for you

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