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Thread: have I harmed bubs?

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    Default have I harmed bubs?

    Can extreme stress harm bubs? I was pretty stressed last night, to the point of being hysterical. I was worked up for a bit over half an hour, but was crying for a bit afterwards. I had also worked (I waitress) beforehand for 5.5 hours and my stomach muscles were sore from it, so when I finally went to bed it was still hurting a bit. It eased off quickly.

    But yeah, I'm a bit worried I've done damage to the baby by getting so upset
    I'm not really feeling proper movements either yet so cant go by that to know everythings alright.
    I know extreme stress can cause miscarry earlier in pregnancy, but what about later on? I just feel so awful for losing myself last night and would never forgive myself if it's caused me to lose to baby

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    I think you will be fine just make sure that you try to get some rest today to help you unwind and relax from what happened yesterday.

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    I wouldn't worry. By stress I think they mean it's more prolonged stress which can be harmful. One night isn't likely to do any damage When I was 6 wks pg with my DD a family member died and I was quite upset and stressed for weeks but all was fine.

    Just take it easy today and try to relax

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    I had many moments of being very stressed throughout my pregnancy.

    And work used to make my stomach muscles ache like crazy, its due to them stretching and seperating when you start to get bigger. I often felt like i had done 1000 sit ups thats how sore they wore.

    If you're worried at all, or have any abnormal cramping/bleeding then go see your doctor but i don't think you would have done any serious damage. But try and take it easy.

    i remember being so worried when i was pregnant.

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    Default You are doing wonderfully.

    Hi there,
    I just wanted to let you know you are doing fine. Babies are resilient and strong as are we. Whatever emotions you are experiencing are essential to be expressed for both your health and your babies. We give ourselves such a hard time and expect ourselves to be perfect all of the time. Mothers rarely acknowledge how bloody emotionally intense being pregnant is. I have cried most days of my pregnancy for all sorts of reasons and for no reason at all. I too have worried I have damaged my baby. Perhaps my baby is also scared about coming into the world- we really have no idea where they come from and we are certainly in this together. I am consoled by an excerpt from the book 'birthing from within' 'sometimes we cry for our babies because they cant cry yet, sometimes we laugh for our babies, all safe and happy in there'. Good luck with everything. x

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