thread: Headaches??

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    Oct 2004
    NW Tasmania


    Is anyone having headaches still?? I thought it was meant to be a first trimester thing,but i am still having them at my stage,and i hate them....
    Does anyone know whether it has anything to do with being pregnant with a boy?? because i didnt have them with my girls....
    I normally get migraines when im not pregnant,but i never got one form the time i fell with my girls to the time i had them,but this time i have them fairly frequently....I have one today actually...

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    Sep 2004
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    I'm still getting headaches, usually daily. I wake up with them. I don't think it has anything to do with having a boy. Wait til they are born then boy's will give you a headache I just spoke to my midwife about the same thing and she told me it's just from the extra progesterone. All the excess hormones in our bodies. All I do is take a couple of panadol and try and have a rest when I can.

    Take care

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    Oct 2004
    NW Tasmania

    Thanks,that is what i have been trying to do....I have woken up with a ripper of one this morning,for the first time in a couple of weeks...
    LOL about the boys giving you a headache after they are born....My girls do that very nicely,as well...
    How does a 5 yr old and a 3 yr old singing Shannon Noll What About Me in the car when we go anywhere strike you?? \/ It is annoying,no matter how cute they are!!!
    Thanks again...i have been trying to drink more water,and take it easy,but it just doesnt work some days!!

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    Scarlett Guest

    Susie, I get headaches regularly and am having a girl. I have found that not having long periods between meals helps and drinking heaps of water also. If I feel one starting a glass of soft drink can help.

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    I'm having headaches regularly too, but in the last week they hae eased off a bit *phew*

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I woke up with a shocking headache this morning because I forgot to put a glass of water beside my bed. I kept telling myself during the night to get up and get some water because I was thirsty but I was too tired. The result; dehydration and a whoppa of a headache. Took some panadol and had another couple of hours sleep and I feel a little better now. I think I will have to try to remember to have a huge glass of water before I go to sleep and to make sure there is always some on my bedside table.

    Hope your headaches go away soon Suzie. You are right, they are far from pleasant!

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    Oct 2004
    NW Tasmania

    Thanks everyone,i think it must have something to do with dehydration,because since i have gone back to drinking more water,they have gone away again....
    Scarlett the soft drink has worked for me in the past too,and i forgot about it....
    thanks for reminding me....
    Take care everyone

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    Oct 2004

    I have also been getting headaches and sometimes waking up with them. Sometimes by the time I have thought about a Panadol though they have already gone, Its like a major stabbing pain for a few minutes then I am OK again.

    I was going to discuss with the doctor next week