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    angelique Guest

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    Hi guys,

    I am suffering from major heartburn. It seems to be getting worse and worse the more my tummy grows. I take Rennie antacids and they do help to an extent. Does anyone else have any ways to prevent the severity of it? It even burns when I am hungry or stuffed!! Always in the same place. Is it normal to feel your ribs hurting a little when you breath? I am guessing it is because my tummy is getting squashed up there.

    Any ideas anyone?

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    geez angelique - that sounds awful!!! I think milk is meant to make it feel better - my DH gets it and he lives on those QuickEze chewable ones - don't know if you can have them when pregnant though
    Hope it clears up really soon
    I have been getting the shortness of breath but no burning sorry

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    angelique Guest


    Hi Jacci,

    I am one of those milk haters as I am intollerant but since being pregnant i can have as much milk as my heart desires - but just not used to the taste anymore. I cant bring myself to have a glass of milk.

    Guess I will have to live on my good old Rennies hehehehe

    How is your morning sickness going? Easing up at all? Did you try acupuncture at all?

    I still feel sick in the mornings - just doesn't end

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    angel_eyes Guest


    Mylanta has been a godsend for me with my heartburn, my OB told me I can take them as directed with no worries. i have the chewable ones.

    Luckily for me I also have no problem with milk, it helps!

    I also find that eating smaller meals more regularly helps.

    I hope you can find some comfort.

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    I found that Rennies stopped working after a while so I went on to the Quickease, and they were wonderful, best thing ever

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    As well as the above, pop an extra pillow under your head or raise the top end of your bed up (we used telephone books) I found sleeping a bit elevated helped a lot. The best remedy though is a glass of milk.

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    mysterygirl Guest


    i have heartburn already if i don't eat for a while thaen again after i do eat - so its a lose-lose situation - ihave a bottle of mylanta and the chewable tabs that go everywhere with me - also found that i am getting hiccups three or four times a day - not sure if that is related...

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    I found I had to change tablets about 3 times trhough the pregnancy as they sor of stopped working after a while.

    The very best for me was liquid gaviscon though. I got to the stage where I could just drink it out of the bottle and know I had the right amount.

    Heartburn is THE WORST!!!!!!!


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    I too had terrible heartburn, but not so early. I found that every night because i was tired i would have tea then lie on the lounge to watch telly, of course this was the worst thing i could do for the heartburn! So try to eat tea a few hours before bed and stay upright. also milk arrowroot biccis are good too. And of course Rennies

    I really hope you find some relief because it can be really painful.

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    Small meals more often
    Cut down on fatty foods
    Cut out high acid foods and drinks including OJ
    Try a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water.
    Lifting the head of the bed is a good idea.
    Do not go long periods without eating something.

    Hope some of this helps.

    Alan (midwife)

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