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Thread: Height of Uterus

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    Talking Height of Uterus

    Okay I know this is a weird question, but how high is/was your uterus at 14 and a bit weeks? When I lie down on my back its just over half way to my belly button, but the pregnancy books are saying that at 16 weeks your uterus is about that height. What the!?
    I have SO popped too, there is just no tucking in this belly no more, I love it.
    Also I am definitely only 14 and a bit weeks, as it was confirmed with an ultrasound, and there were no, uh.. surprises like 2 heart beats either.
    I'm not worried at all, I'm just curious. And I'm not tall enough to have too big of a baby! LOL!

    So... how's your uterus growing??

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    They usually say to allow a 2cm variation each way to allow for growth spurts and slow times.

    I am 33 weeks, but measuring 39 weeks. Since 28 weeks, I have measured 6-7cm ahead of dates. Apparently I have going to have a big baby according to the scan I had and the doctor's feel (9-10lb), but I don't know how correct they will be.

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    I think too Sarah that because it's not your first you tend to pop much earlier. I know I did this time.

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    If you google fundal height you can see a belly with marks on it which are purely a guide. Your feelings sound fine as you know.

    My uterus is growing mighty fine! I am 21 weeks today and its about equal to my belly button. And movements are through the roof after beeing relatively quiet till 19 weeks.

    Just waiting for them to be strong enough for DH to feel them too.


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    Hey there! I am 14 weeks too and my uterus is about the same height. You will find it moves up and down a fair bit like when you need to go to the loo etc. Its all totally normal Ive always been high with my pregnancies.

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