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Thread: Help!! In need of nursery furniture!

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    Default Help!! In need of nursery furniture!

    Does anyone have any advice on where I can shop for secondhand/preloved nursery furniture in Vic. I am after a solid wooden white cot and a specific change table that i can not find anywhere.
    Oh and my eyes and back ar soooo sore from staring at Ebay.
    If anyone knows someone trying to sell stuff please elt me know.


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    Hi - ebay have a wanted section that you can put a notice in.

    There is also the trading post newspaper. Put a notice up in a supermarket, some have those wanted boards.

    I heard through a relative, who used to manage a salvo op shop, that op shops are not allowed to sell cots, so that rules that out.

    There are a few kids recycle places out our way - but you might be a bit limited being in Warnambool.

    What sort of cot and change table ?

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    There is a shop in Surrey Hills called ABC bitz for kids

    There is also the Baby and Kids Market they are held all over Melbourne monthly. They have a website so just search for it in google and the calendar with all the details is there. Obviously these both entail a trip to Melbourne.

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