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    Hi, I'm a newby here and just want to start by saying how incredibly helpful and informative these forums are. Now to my question: I am a lover of herbal teas but I stoped drinking them when I became pregnant because I know that some can be harmful. But I am really missing having a hot cuppa at night time so was wondering if anyone knows which herbal teas are safe and which are not?

    I am 23 weeks pregnant.


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    angelique Guest


    Hi there Bugalugs,

    I have been told to stay away from pepermint tea. I was a lover of herbal teas as well but when I feel pregnant I did not feel like it at all.

    I am sure Chamomile tea is ok but in small doses.

    I guess there is no evidence suggesting there will be a problem if you drink herbal teas but I am going by what my acupuncturist has told me.

    Hope this helps darling.


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    I drank Rooibos tea all through which is a South African tea with no caffeine. Is really good for you, and pregnant Sth African's love it!! I also drank all the old ones I used to, i didn't worry about it, just had them weak and enjoyed them. i had mint, apple cinamon etc xo

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    I drink ginger tea sometimes - it was great when I had ms too!

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    i also wondered this and was told that you can have a cup of coffie or 300mlg of caffine a day so if you stay away from the soda and coffie drinks a cup of anykind of tea should be fine.

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