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Thread: Here for another 5 weeks and a bit

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    As I said in my introduced my name is Bec and pregnant with my third child but the 4th in the house. I am 21 weeks pregnant due on the 2nd September. I'm having my husband first son and only one lol. His my second son.

    When we did the scan on Tuesday to find out if the baby was ok and see if I was right with the sex. They found out I have low lying placenta not completely sure what it means for me, I guess we find out tomorrow when we go to the doctors. We have to have another scan at 32 weeks. I had some kind of bleeding at 13/14 weeks and the hospital said it could be from the Placenta and I told Chris I thought our baby was going to come early so we see. Any questions just asked.

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    Hi Bec, welcome to BB and congrats on your little boy! I hope your placenta moves in time for the birth

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