thread: Hopital bags...?

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    Hopital bags...?

    Has anyone started packing their hospital bags yet? I know it's pretty early but I don't want to be caught unprepared.
    So far I've got:

    1 x Pj's
    2 x 10 pack mat pads
    1 x Socks
    1 x slippers

    What else do I need?

    ETA: I'm gong to mater public, are they supposed to have given me a list of things they provide or things I should pack? or do they send it later?

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    Oct 2008

    If I had my list here I would write it down but I don't and my list is huuuuuge!

    I haven't packed yet

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    try reading this thread and this one - they should help

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    How many days are you staying for? Id take at least 3 changes of clothes/pjs, and if you are planning on b/f then some that open at the front.
    hair brush
    toilet paper - soft expensive stuff - you dont want to rely on the hospital toilet paper

    i'll try to find my list, im in the middle of packing my bags at the moment

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    Tip - If you haven't got your bag packed put the list on your fridge so that if you go into labour without a packed bag this list is readily available and both you and your partner can pack without panick.

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    those kleenex flushable wipes! A must have!

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    YOu'll need more pjs, ditto to the toilet paper, and heaps of undies.

    Obviously bubs needs stuff too.

    BTW I have 2 bags. A labour bag with pj's, pads, hair brush, toothbrush, lip balm, bub's grow suit, baby blanket and nappy. My other bag is for the longer stay

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    Heva - my list is huge too!
    I tend to overpack - JUST IN CASE - but I feel better knowing I am prepared for anything...
    I also pack assuming I will be in hospital for at least 3 days.
    This is my OMG massive list...
    Part of this list is what the hospital has asked us to bring and part of it is personal preference from my first birthing experience...
    My one piece of advice is make sure you have PLENTY of undies, pants/pj's and pads - I have never bled so much in my life!!!

    Hospital Paperwork
    Medicare card/Pension Card
    Baby Folder
    Tshirt/Nightie for Birthing
    PJ's for after
    iPod or stereo
    Massage Oil
    Face cloth
    Hair Bands
    Lip Balm
    Camera and Batteries
    Clothes for partner
    Mobile and spare change
    List of phone numbers
    Plastic bag for dirty clothes

    Day-time Clothes
    Maternity Pads x3 packs
    Slip-on shoes/slippers
    Dressing Gown
    Pen and Paper/notebook
    Gifts for siblings
    Going home Outfit
    Plastic bags for dirty clothes
    Mobile phone and Charger

    4 Singlets
    4 Jumpsuits
    4 Socks/Booties
    4 Scratch Mittens
    4 Hat
    2 Home Outfits
    Baby Wash
    Baby Moisturiser
    Face Washers
    Baby Towel

    But after reading some of the replies, I think I need to add some!

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    Oct 2008

    Sorry if TMI - you may need more than one set of PJs as there is a big loss of blood after having a baby and I needed a new set every night.

    Lots and lots of undies.

    Maternity bras,

    Nursing pads,

    Some people even suggest your own toilet paper so you can use soft toilet paper rather than the hospital rough stuff,

    Toiletries (I bought myself a really nice body wash from the body shop that I could use after I gave birth - it was one of the nicest things I could have done for myself)

    Depending on whether you are going public or private and what your hospital provides you may need - wraps for your baby, nappies for your baby, wipes, 3 - 4 grow suits, singlets, socks, a going home outfit for your baby

    Lansinoh cream (buy this from the chemist - works a treat on cracked nipples and is safe to have on while feeding)

    Just a few more suggestions . . . it is so exciting to get to the packing stage. Have fun

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    Sounds like I'm gonna have to do some shopping :s I don't even own more than one pair of pj's. lol. How am I going to afford all this stuff? Is there anything I don't REALLY need or is it all absolutely necessary?

    Briggsy's Girl - I did do a search but didn't see them, thanks

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    It depends on the hospital you are going to, some supply things for the baby and others do not.
    I couldnt use any soaps/washes on my son as he had dry skin and they dry it out so didnt need to take any of those, and the hospital had towles so Ididnt need to take them either.
    The hospital I went to last time provided clothes and balnkets for the baby, all I had to take for him was something to wear home. This time I am bringing everything except for cloth nappies and snibs as these are provided.

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    Not all of it is necessary. A lot of it you need anyway like the stuff for the baby and just general clothes for you. If you don't have enough PJs and don't want to buy more - loose fitting shorts and t-shirts will be fine. The hospital staff aren't going to criticise you for what you wear to bed, but it is nice to have clean clothes if your PJs get soiled. You can always send thing home with your DP to wash and bring back (it is a lot of pressure for him though) if you don't want to buy more.

    When I went to hospital to have my first baby, I sent a list home with my DH for all the extra things I needed that I didn't realise like extra clothes and Pjs. Then I didn't end up staying after the first night anyway so I didn't need it all, but you could wait and see and ask DP to bring extra things from home.

    Most of it depends how long you plan on staying . . .

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    Oct 2008

    I have my list of things to pack ready! Just have not packed them yet as moving houses next weekend so will do it once we have finished moving. I agree with the checklist going on the fridge though.