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Thread: How often do they get it wrong???

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    Question How often do they get it wrong???

    After our 20w scan we were told to go out and start buying pink as we are having a girl. We were happy and confident with this so we have started to buy girls things and have set up the nursery for a girl.

    Fast track on a couple of weeks and after reading some past posts, i've noticed how many stories there are out there of them getting it wrong.

    Now we are getting paranoid.....How often do you think they get it wrong? Has it happened to any of you??? We are happy with either a boy or a girl so if it was to be a boy we'd be just as happy but dread to think of all the "pink' stuff we have already bought.

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    We found out DS was a boy at our 20 week scan. Most of the shops I went to were happy for me to exchange stuff if he;d turned out to be a DD instead.

    Just check the exchange policy, most places will let you swap if the tags are on etc.

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    With K we found out he was a boy @ just after 15w & that was correct. With J my OB said @ 17w he thought bub was a girl but @ 19w (& for all subsequent scans) bub was most definitely a boy!
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