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Thread: I had the biggest scare......

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    sajemsha Guest

    Red face I had the biggest scare......

    I went to the doctors today because I started to get back the bladder infection and was starting to feel really crook. The doctor gave me a check over and then it came to listening to the baby's heart beat he couldn't find it. That and the fact that I had blood in the urine he sent me to do a barage of blood test and he said that I would need an emergancy ultrasound to check for a heart beat because he was very concerned.
    I rang my husband and choked out that he could find a heart beat, I was crying by then, I picked up hubby and we went to get it done, at first they we're going to make us wait hours to get in, but hubby quiet firmly told them, it will be done now...
    WELL, BUB IS A OK! good heart rate, nothing she can find that is wrong, I still have to go for a more indepth untlra sound on the 16th March, but at least we now this baby is fine.
    What a scare!
    She couldn't get the clearest picture, but from what she can see we're having a girl I'm almost 18 weeks I'm on anitb's for the infection, so I hope that clears up quick.
    Take care all.

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    Wow what a scare. I know exactly how you feel. Glad to hear everything is alright. Its sooo nerve racking when they can't find a heartbeat. Those infections can make you feel really run down too.

    Get some rest, and great to hear everything was ok.



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    OMG, poor you. That is terrible, I would have reacted the same way you did, choking back tears.
    I am glad they found bubs hb and congratulations, a little lady!

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    Phewww..i glad it had a good ending to ur post!!!

    Goodluck and indeed it is a scary feeling....i had the same happen quite a number of times when i was pg with DD.

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    sajemsha Guest

    Smile Thanks girls :)

    I would of been shattered if anything had happened to bubs, I couldn't imagine telling my other girls, their all so excited now, they are touching my tummy and saying hello and giving baby kisses every day now. I'm glad she's ok.
    I'm 18 weeks now, getting close to half way We'll have to think of a girly name now
    I'm feeling really crappy from the anitb's and I was up all night from the infection, but it is a bit better today. I'm just going to relax and put my feet up today and drink loads of water.

    Well, take care all....

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    Omg you poor thing i'd have been absolutely FREAKED *biggest comfort hugs* I'm so glad everything turned out ok!!!

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    Thinking lots of PINK happy thoughts for you.
    So glad that everything is ok - its a shame you had such a big shock, what a horrid thing to go thru.

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