thread: I have a son!!!!!!!

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    Dec 2008
    Brighton, Brisbane

    I have a son!!!!!!!

    19 Week ultrasound confirms what we were hoping. By some miracle, we're getting a son!!!
    (everyone has had girls for like 8 generations in my family, no boys unless we marry them)

    Everything is fine, no problems that they could see.

    Although the sonographer has christened him, "Karate Kid" cause he wouldn't stop kicking right where the ultrasound thingie was on my belly.
    That, and when we were looking at his face, he brought his hands up in a very convincing karate pose.

    Hee hee hee, i have a little boy. Can't stop giggling and gazing lovingly at the scan photo's.

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    Feb 2005
    Boyne Island

    congrats!! boys are awesome

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    Dec 2007
    Sunny Qld

    Oh yay!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

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    Jan 2009
    Diggers Rest VIC

    thats so awesome for u guys i got my son too so im just as excited same sort of story for me my family is full of girls and DH family has alternated sexes each generation and this one was supposed to be all girls we ruined 200 years of his family lol

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    Mar 2008
    Waterloo, Merseyside, UK

    woo hoo!! congrats huni. xxx

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    Dec 2004

    That's great news

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    May 2005

    Congratualations! there seem to be quite a feww of us having little boys around the same time.

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    Dec 2008

    Congratulations Sophie. That is great news!

    All the best for your upcoming birth of your son.

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    Apr 2008

    Whoo hoo!!! Boys.....Congrats hun,he will keep you on your toes,lol. Best wishes.

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    Feb 2007

    Congratulations on your little boy!!! How cool to have the first boy in generations!!

    Boys are truly awesome

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    Dec 2008
    Brighton, Brisbane

    And the little buggers already playing with my head.
    After the ultrasound he just suddenly stopped moving and kicking. Which is weird cause he never gives me a moment of peace usually. So i waited until the next day to see how it would pan out.
    By three in the afternoon i'm in tears, convinced he's died or something. So we rush up to Caboolture hospital and after ages the chick finally finds a heartbeat. Then as we're walking out the front doors he starts kicking and rolling around like nothing ever happened!!!

    I have a sneaky son.....

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    Jan 2008
    New Zealand

    Thats wonderful news, I'm so happy for you.

    I find out in a couple of weeks what I'm having, I have a boy and a girl so all I want is a healthy bub so it's just so I know what colours to buy. I knew instictively what my others were and I feel that this is a boy but will just have to wait and see.

    All the best Girls
    Talecare Cheers Missy

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    May 2007

    Fabulous news!!! Congratulations and all the best for a wonderful pregnancy!

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    Jan 2008
    hoppers crossing

    How fantastic for u.

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    Oct 2008

    Congratulations Sophie!! That's excellent that you're having the first boy for generations
    We just found out we're having a son too!!

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    Dec 2008
    Brighton, Brisbane

    I think his name is Aiden.
    Thats what i've been calling him whenever i talk to my bump these days.
    And whenever he hears his dad laughing he starts kicking. Soooo cute.

    It's my 20th today and Dp's taking me out for a special night tonight so i have to go.