thread: I need another scan...??

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    Jul 2005

    I need another scan...??

    Hey all,

    I had my 19 week scan last week, went to ob today and apparently i need to have it done over as they cant work out the babies size or something. She said something about the femur size not matching up with my dates. And then something about them not being able to say if she was big or small.

    Whats with that?? At the scan all they told me was that everything looks good and she is a week over my dates.

    Anyone had a similar thing? Seriously, should i worry about this? Im freaking out...I wish my partner would stop saying 'shes perfect, nothings wrong' cos its just making it worse.


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    May 2005
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    Emma.. I know one of the girls in april has had bher scan but may have to go back to get more measurements taken.... baby didnt cooperate.....

    Try not to stree.. as hard as that is...

    Also some of the other ladies on here have had really late scans & even then they have been worng.... I think i read someone had a scan the day before the birth & the babies estimated weight was 15% out....

    I am sure everything will be fine... i am sure at the next u/s they will put your mind at ease...

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    Mar 2005
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    Try not to worry. I had my 36 week appointment yesterday and the midwife said the baby measured 6 WEEKS behind. So today it was off for an ultrasound. The measurements of all her body varied from 33 weeks to 40 weeks. The sonographer was fine with this and said all babies vary in size so this is not unusual. I seriously think it would be so much better if we didn't see anyone from say 12 weeks until birth!!! I had also been told I was breech (by 2 midwives) and found out today that is not true, she's head down. And because I know she hasn't moved position, it means the midwives were wrong.
    I know it's hard not to worry, but I have found that no one has had consistent measurements (that I know) and the amount of people who've been told their baby is the wrong size is endless (and they're all born ok). Try to relax and get an u/s as soon as possible so it can put your mind at ease xoxoxo

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    When I had my scan the obs asked me if I could come back as some of the heart valve measurements weren't clear enough, but right at the end of the scan the baby moved and he was able to measure them. I was told that they were changing my due date to 3 days earlier based on the babies size. I know trying not to worry is much easier said than done but if something was seriously wrong they would have mentioned it to you while they were doing the scan. It's probably just to get the extra measurements as they may have missed a couple. I know my scan took about 45 minutes to complete. Not good when your suspose to have full bladder, lol.


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    Oct 2004
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    Emz - I had my morphology (?) scan at 20wks but then had to go back at 22wks because my GP was not happy with the quality of the report & U/S shots.

    Turns out everything is fine, even though my GP also had a freak out 4 weeks ago and sent me for another scan because bubs was 'big enough' by her measurements (fundal height etc). Again, bubs measured well within the averages allowed...she tends to go through grow spurts every odd week.

    I'm with Meg....just book your U/S appointment as soon as you can so you can relax when the results come back fine.

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    Jul 2005

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks so much for your info and support.

    Ive calmed down a bit, ate half a bag of m&m's and made my appointment for friday at 10am.

    ive been thinking about our ultrasound, bubs was moving around so much and getting into all sorts of crazy positions. The person doing the scan said heaps of times things like "oh we will come back to that" "oh this isnt really a good position but we will try" etc etc I spose this would have an impact on how accurate her measurements were.

    At least we get to see our beautiful little girl again! \/

    Thank you so much ladies, i really really appreciate that i can ask questions and get answers and support soooo quickly.


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    I know exactly how you feel. I only posted a similar question a few days ago. We had our 32 week scan due to low lying placenta, nothing about fundal height indicated a problem with bubs size, however at the scan the sonographer said her abdomen measurement was 2 weeks behind dates but "not to worry as it is very inaccurate" Thinking back now, I was actually lying on my side during scan due to nausea, so it's possible he didn't get an accurate measurement.

    I have been stressing ever since,that is until the fabulous girls here on belly belly convinced me it was nothing to worry about.
    Like they told me, if the sonographer thought there was a problem, he would have put it in the report.

    All the best