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    Default Im so worried

    I am 15 weeks pregnant and finally got my sex drive back, but after I had sex with my hubby I went to the toilet and noticed I was bleeding, it wasnt alot but it was there and it scared the hell out of me. I went and saw the doctor straight away who im my opinion is a idiot only cause he has misdiagnosed me before but he was the only doctor I could see. He said I had a urine infection and I dont know how that is possible seeing I always got ot he toilet before and after sex and apart from today havent had sex in 6 weeks! I have no pain and my waterworks is perfectly fine. I have to have a ultrasound tomorrow to make sure nothing is wrong which I pray there isnt, but I have never been through this before and this is the first time I bled after sex so I cant understand whats going on as the doctor didnt explain anything to me when I asked all he said was "well if its going to happen then its going to happen and then you will have to go to hospital so they can clean you out" How rude and arrogant is that! Anyways Im back to putting my feet up and relaxing and if anyone else has expreienced this some info would be great.

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    A big comfy hug for you Jessemon

    What an insensitive excuse for a person your doctor is.
    You do not say how much bleeding you had you only say it was not a lot.
    If the bleding was no more than heavy spotting and providing that there is no cramping and the bleeding stops within a day or so then this is not unusual. A small amount of bleeding after sex common.
    Next time you have sex, you and your partner may want to thing of other positions so that penatration is not quite so deep. Also try to be a little more gentle

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    Hi Jesemon, I had some bleeding after sex during my first pregnancy. The midwife I saw said that just so long as it was just spotting not to worry too much because during pregnancy there is more blood around the cervix so sex can make it bleed it a little bit.
    :smt021 to that Dr!!!. I hope you never have to see him again.

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    Jessemon - all the best at your U/S tomorrow. What an awful thing for your dr to say!!! I hope you have other options for care during your pg!

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    Try not to worry about it I know it is hard but I think you are going to be OK! I've never heard of having sex hurting a pregnancy except where there was already something wrong. If it does, the cervix was not closed entirely (a problem) and caused an infection that shows up many weeks later. If having sex caused you a problem, my bet, you wouldn't know it right then. When I was about as far along as you are with my DS the Doctor did a pap smear (freaked me out #-o ) and you know that is pulling a chunck of your cervix out and that is the most important member of the pregnancy!!! He said I might bleed some the next day which I did and everything turned out fine. If the cervix can withstand a pap smear while pregnant (which my Doctor said is standard practice) then it can withstand alittle nudging with something padded I wouldn't worry too much. Good luck tomorrow which I am SURE you will have.


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    Just wanted to say that the doctor you saw as a big jerk!I can't beleive he said that to you!Best of luck for your ultrasound..............

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    Im currently 30 weeks, and a couple of months ago i experienced bleeding after sex. It wasnt much, but it scared the heck out of me! After i cleaned up i noticed that it had gone. I had my regular tests done a week later, and everything was fine. I havent experienced it ever since... My Dh and i are more careful now, and i just put that bad experience behind me.

    If everything turns out fine, i dont see why it should put you off sex. I was put off for about 2 weeks, then we decided to try again. It is quite common to experience spotting or light bleeding. I assume the reason for my experience was just my vaginal tissues softening, and Dh being a bit too rough.. Maybe??

    Oh, and i suggest you get rid of that arse of a doctor.

    Ahwell, i really hope your scan went well! All the best for you!

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