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Thread: Immobilising Pelvic Pain

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    Default Immobilising Pelvic Pain

    I'm 17 weeks along and have been getting increasingly worse and constant pain in the area just south of my baby bump. It gets worse when I walk or exert myself. I'm going to a university with a very spread out campus and by the end of the day I'm usually immobilised but today I was in such pain that I had to go home by lunch time.

    I spoke to my GP about it but he didn't seem to understand that this was pelvic pain rather than hip or tummy pain. He didn't seem at all concerned since I'm not bleeding.

    I think I have SPD, but I'd like to know what other people think.

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    I'm sorry, I don't know much about SPD, but good luck with getting some help for it. There's also a thread for medical conditions in pregnancy (under Pregnancy & Labour) which might be worth trying, I think I noticed something about SPD in there...?

    All the best,

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    I had SPD with each of my pg's and at times i couldn't move, last time i saw a chiro and wore a pelvic support belt and it improved so much that i hardly had any pain towards the end.

    For me i could feel clunking when rolling over in bed, couldn't lift one leg off the ground so found that when getting dressed sitting on the edge of the bed was a must even when it wasn't painful so definately make a habit of that one.. Keep your knees together when rolling over in bed or sitting in a chair and sleep with a pillow between your knees. Also when walking make sure your toes aren't pointing outward keep your feet pointing straight ahead when on the ground.

    It can be extremely painful so try and see a physio or chiropractor to get it checked out.

    Good luck xoxox

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    Sounds like SPD to me (most Drs don't have a clue about this), go and see a physio that specialises in women's health. Go now, as it will progressively deteriorate unless you get treatment/know what to avoid. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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    You sound like me! And I work at a uni so I know what you mean about having to walk all over the place. I have been getting progressively worse too. I spoke to my Ob about it and he said the best people to get treatment from for this sort of thing are physios and osteos which is what I was already doing. And also the use of a support belt.

    These are the things I have been doing which have been an enormous help:

    *Pregnancy support belt - just got it, but well worth the investment
    *Regular Osteo visits to an osteo that specialises in obstetric osteopathy
    *Twice weekly Pilates sessions with Physios
    *Back and belly body pillow - another great investment
    *Limit bending tasks and moved kitchen around so things used most often are in easy reach
    *taken advice from the pelvic instability website

    Please feel free to PM me for more specific details if you want them!

    Good luck - I know exactly how you are feeling!

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    Maenad Guest

    Red face Thank you

    Thank you all for your advice. The pain has calmed down quite a lot over the last few days. Although I'm still often uncomfortable, I'm not immobilised any more.

    I've been taking it easy where I can with good long sleeps to help my body to repair itself. My partner's been wonderfully understanding about it and even my son has sweetly given up trying to get me to pick him up all the time. I'm avoiding all stairs and I've now got my backpack strapped to a little trolley for waddling around uni and that has helped a lot too.

    Hardest of all is giving up my ingrained "Sydney stride" between classes but I think that it really has made a big difference.

    [link removed please read guidelines]

    Thanks again to everyone for replying to my post. I'd like to see a professional about this problem because I think it will probably get worse as the baby gets bigger. Unfortunately we just don't have any spare cash right at the moment.

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