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    Hi All

    Just a question. I'm 25 weeks and have had terrible insomnia the past few nights. Am not sure if it's because I've had the flu or if it's because of baby. Has anyone else had insomnia at this point in pregnancy, and if so does it last right up until baby comes? I don't know if I can take it for 3 more months.

    Someone please help, it's driving me nutty.

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Bec, I am suffering same & have done so forever!!!

    I cannot recall the last time I went to bed & slept a whole night, maybe I am preparing myself for a hard to settle baby! [-o< (NO!)

    Maddy slept thru the night at 7days of age..

    I sometimes will have chammomile tea & still wake but the 4 or so hours I have gotten have been deep sleep! give it a go!?

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    Nov 2004

    Hi Bec,

    I have had insomnia for most of my pg and am currently getting up to go to the toilet every two hours during the night. Lucy suggested listening to a conception/pg CD you can get but I couldn't find mine so I listened to a meditation CD which helped.

    Your body does adjust and I mostly function normally during the day. Sorry not much help, hope you find a solution (I will be watching this thread with interest).

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    May 2003
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    Hi all,

    When I was pg with Olivia I suffered from terrible insomnia. From the moment I found out I was pg I was, I think, too excited, to sleep. Then in the 2nd tri I began to feel huge, so that kept me awake, and I started getting leg cramps which woke me. And then in the 3rd tri I was so huge and my bladder wouldn't let me sleep for long.

    Now, pregnant again, & needing all my energy to run round after Olivia, as soon as I noticed the insomnia creeping back, I took steps to solve it as I found it SO annoying last time.

    Bear with me, becasue this does sound new age hippy-ish, but I use a relaxation tape on going to bed. It is one specially designed for pregnancy and leads you through visualisation and relaxation, almost like hypnotherapy. It puts me into a cery deep relaxed state and I am usually asleep by the time it finishes. But the brilliant thing is that I sleep very deeply & don't wake again until morning (usually when Olivia wakes at 7am). Plus I feel really refreshed, like I have had a proper sleep.

    DH has commented that when he comes to bed (usually an hour or so after me) that I am very deeply asleep, and his alarm goes off at 6am and I never get woken even by that!

    So, my recommendation is a relaxation tape, & allow yourselves to be totally relaxed before you go to sleep. The tapes tend to make you focus on your breathing, and I am sure this helps a proper nights sleep.


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    Custardtart Guest

    I rarely slept a full night through with either of my previous pregnancies, and this one is shaping up pretty much the same. Think of it as getting you in training for the 2am feeds

    Seriously, though, try to compensate with an afternoon 'powernap' when you can. I don't know of any way to encourage a full night's sleep without waking up, my bladder just can't make it anymore. Either that, or I find I've rolled onto my back in my sleep and wake up with a pain in the lower back from all the babyweight resting on me.

    Sorry not to be more optimistic, you might not have this for the rest of the pregnancy, it might just be a stage, but this has been my experience.


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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    Thanks all for your replies, glad to know I am not alone. I seem to only get 3-4 hours a night and the weird thing is I feel ok most of the day, not really tired, I hit the wall sometimes but others some how manage to make it right through to bed time again. It's insane, but it's probably my body getting ready to be getting up at all hours, if only bodies didn't decide what to do on their own, tis very annoying.

    I will give some of your ideas a go though and see how I go. Once again thank you all for your help

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    Feb 2005

    Lucy, the relaxation tape sounds like a great idea. \/ What is the name of the one you've been using?

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    May 2003
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    Kirsty, it is by Natural Fertility Management (Francesca Naish) and I bought it online............there is 3 in the set: one for conception, one for pregnancy and one for birth and beyond.........

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    Mar 2005


    Guys i had terrible insomnia with both mine, from 20 weeks onwards, i recommend a bath b4 bed and hot tea, but i also was so tired and not sleeping that i told tablets, they r a catagory b/c so they r ok and wont harm baby, my SIL is a doctor(the 1 I love)and she wouldnt tell anything that could harm me or bubba, and i took STILNOX, it's very good and even if you take 1 and none others for a couple of days then it's one night sleep, but try bath first, but b careful of specific oils, some u cant have when preggers, good luck angel.xx :smt023