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    cathy Guest


    Hey everyone,

    Just wondering am i the only one experienceing insomnia?? last night i hardly slept i dont get sleepy till about 1130pm and wake every hour or so apart from the time i get up to go to the loo i just cant fall back asleep until i read a book or do a crossword puzzle!

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    May 2003
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    Welcome to Motherhood!

    I didn't sleep well at all through my entire pregnancy. In the first trimester it was nausea that kept me awake. In the second it was plain old excitement. In the third I was knackered but had leg cramps/was too big to get comfy/ always hopping up to the loo. Then I gave birth and I was onto nightfeeds, and now, even though Olivia sleeps through from 7 till 7, I STILL WAKE UP to check her.......!

    I don't reckon I have had a full unbroken nights sleep in 14 months...........

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    Mar 2004
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    So sorry to hear you are having trouble sleeping. I have that on some nights but most nights seem okay. I have to make sure that I'm really tired before going to bed or else I spend all night lying awake too. Try doing some light exercise maybe? That's all I can recommend... I have noticed I sleep a lot better if I've done yoga or gone for a long walk or been swimming than if I didn't do any sport.


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    Sep 2005
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    I have had the same as you. I go to bed at 10pm and then i just toss and turn for hours it feels like i haven't slept at all in the mornings. It is really starting to take the toll on my body and on my Poor DH coz i roll over all the time and wake him up - that and the 400 toilet stops!!!!! I am hoping it gets better as the pregnancy goes on!

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    Oct 2005
    A Nestle Free Zone... What about YOU?

    I hear you all! It hasn't started yet, but in pregnancy I have lousy nights!
    I always sleep more after the baby is born than before!
    I too find if I do some gentle exercise during the day (30 mins on a treadmill for me), some yoga and a warm milk drink before bed helps a bit.
    I think for some of us it is part of the price we pay for that gorgeous baby at the end!
    Love Deb