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Thread: irritated skin on belly

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    Default irritated skin on belly

    I have asked this in another thread but thought I would try a wider audience....

    The skin on my belly (only) feels like itís sunburnt. Itís not itchy at all but it kind of hurts (like sunburn) when I scratch it and red lines then appear (like scratched sunburn!).

    Does anyone else have any experience with this?

    I am seeing my OB on Tuesday so I will ask him also...just thought I'd start here...

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    Hi Danda
    I'm pretty sure it's just related to the stretching of your belly.
    I have a similar problem, doesn't hurt so much but if I scratch it leaves red marks everywhere. Try not to scratch it too muvh as it can increase the chances of getting stretch marks.
    Are you rubbing any creams on your belly? I'm using Cocoa Formula for stretch marks, it feels really nice and reduced the itchiness for sure!
    Hope this helps

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    Hi Danda
    It is caused by the skin on your belly stretching. It will not do you any harm but it can be quite uncomfortable. As Adkins says try not to scratch. There are many creams out there that can help to ease the discomfort and you will need to find one that works for you.

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    I think I've already replied to you Danda, but since my memory's like a sieve I'll reply again.

    The thing that helped for me was to keep it moisturised - I found the easiest way for me was to use a spray moisturiser - the easier it is, the more likely you'll do it often! I kept in in the bathroom and sprayed after a shower.

    I started off using Bio-oil, which was lovely, but not a spray so I got a bit lazy with it. I switched to the Body Shop Papaya oil, which smells mmmmmlovely, and was very easy to use. The spray is good, cos you can kinda get the back of your legs and underside of your belly easier!

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