thread: Itchy Eczema in Pregnancy

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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2004
    Melbourne, Australia

    Itchy Eczema in Pregnancy

    I have had itchy eczema with this pregnancy, mainly on my legs but also my back, hands, and arms. The ob has prescribed me a cream with a small amount of cortisone, however it is not advisable to use it too much. I have changed from clothes washing liquid detergent to a powder and that has helped a little, and also if I cut out chocolate it seems to help. Any other suggestions of easy changes which may work?

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jul 2004

    Maybe you could try a different soap that you wash yourself with? During the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy, i had a very itchy rash. It drived me insane!! The thing i found worked was pine tarsel(?sp) It made it stop itching after a few days and then it want away coz i wasnt scratching mysaelf to pieces.


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    Nov 2003

    i was getting that too, then i switched our soap powder and soap and it went away..

    take care

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    Oct 2003
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    pinetarsol worked wonders for me too during PG.

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    Sep 2004
    Melbourne, Australia

    Thanks girls,

    I will try pinetarsal in the bath and hopefully it will reduce my itchiness at night....

    Re soaps - I use a mild liquid hand-soap which I have found a little better than bars of soap, but the amount of times I wash my hands in the day (partic due to having a toddler in nappies) seems to aggravate it no matter what I use.

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    Jan 2006

    I never suffered with any sort of skin complaint, until i fell pregnant with my son, i got terrible eczema on my belly. I used a natural product called Relief, and it worked wonders. It went completely a week after having bub.

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    Cee_Cee99 Guest

    I use this stuff you buy on the Internet called MooGoo - it is a natural soap range that is made out of milk, you should check out their web site it explains why it helps skin conditions such as also smels heavenly - my whole family / extendened family uses it now...good luck

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    Bec Guest

    I am having this problem too.

    It is worse on my legs middle upper and lower.

    I wash with qv lotion and use some chemsit excema cream and nothing helps! I wake up in the night itching and it is driving me nuts.

    I have an Ob app this week so I am going to ask him what I can do about it.

    I have that pinestrol stuff at home, but I am not a bath person so I have not used it yet.


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    em.. Guest

    hi, i have had excema for years, a couple of ideas,
    -bath oil, one reason you itchy cause your skin has dry out.. put small amount directly on skin after washing.
    -try to get an ointment rather than a cream, of the cortizone, this you can mix with the oil it goes much further this way,,,
    -at night wrap hands with glad wrap helps to keep the cream on and soak into skin rather than sheets,....
    -pinetarsel works as well but is really smelly, when washing hands make sure they are really dry ..


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    Sep 2004
    Melbourne, Australia

    Thanks for all the fantastic ideas! I checked out that MooGoo site and it looks full of great products.

    My eczema did subside quite a bit since my baby was born, and particularly went away (inadvertently) with the two steroid injections I had to have in the days before my baby was born to help her lungs.

    I am also finding that the more natural I keep my diet, the better my skin, but it is so hard to give up all the delicious rich foods and drinks.

    My baby girl is showing signs of eczema behind her ears too....

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    smelly Guest

    I developed eczema on my hands and feet about 2 months ago. Have never had a problem with my skin prior to being pregnant. Anyway, I scractched against the bedsheets so badly in my sleep that I developed blisters from the friction - not only was the itching driving me insane, but the blisters and sores hurt terribly too.
    I know it smells terrible, but the only thing that worked for me was pinetarsol soap. I used the wash in the bath, and I used the cake of soap when washing my hands during the day (I actually took it to work with me). I also used QV lotion during the day to prevent my skin drying out. It cleared up completely within about 2 weeks. However, I still wash in the pinetarsol soap - I tried going back to my PH neutral body wash (supposedly dermalogically tested) but the eczema started to flare up again. I figured that the smell of the pinetarsol soap was far more tolerable than itchy skin. Good luck to all those with itchy skin!!

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    Bec Guest

    pinetarsol worked wonders for me too during PG.
    I had a bath in the pinetarsol last night and I didnt itch my legs the whole night! so it works.


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    Bec Guest

    Ok so it worked for one night only ](*,)

    The only way to get it to work is to bath in the stuff every night! which I am not prepared to do at this stage.

    I am also using qv cream on my legs so they dont dry out but nothing is working.

    I might try the pinetarsol soap and see if that also helps as I am using qv stuff in the shower aswell.

    I am seing my Ob tomorrow so I am going to also ask him as it is driving me nuts.