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Thread: Itchy and hard breasts??

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    Default Itchy and hard breasts??

    Im only 10.5 weeks but I noticed that my breasts are hard and itchy. Everyone I know IRL got this syptoms as a 2nd trimster not a 1st.
    Has anyone here experienced this as a symptom? Its unusual for me, I have small breasts so its super noticable

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    Try moisturising them as if they are itchy it may be due to the skin stretching with the growing. This may prevent stretchmarks too.

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    yup, mine where itchy and hard, I loofed them in the shower and then put on some good cocco butter - seemed to help a bit, but I was still scratching away.... hopefully with the cooler weather on its way we all will not be so itchy?

    good luck

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