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Thread: its it my cervix/vein/nerve ... help

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    Red face its it my cervix/vein/nerve ... help

    i cant stand this feeling anymore , my bub is sitting so low in my pelvis its driving me crazy ...

    i have figured i carry babies low as ds was low and now this one ...

    every time bub moves it touches something which sends a sensation through me , like sticking your tounge between one of those square batteries , but not a bad ...

    its moves all the time down there and if its really active i have to pee every few mins , i just cant describe this properly but the pain is making me batty , last night i tried everthying to get bub to move , i had my butt in the air , and after id had enough i went to bed and it still moved on this spot , i was so exhausted from this feeling i cried ...

    what is it and is it only going to get worse ??? i am at wits end and its movements on this spot are so constant the feeling really gets to me ....

    hope this makes sense

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    Hi Lea
    It sounds like your baby is touching a nerve. There is very little you can do untill your bub decides to change position. You may be able to encourage him to move by doing what you are doing (bum in air) and also poking him

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