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Thread: Just needed to get this off my chest

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    Default Just needed to get this off my chest

    Received a call from Doctor who after reviewing my 19week scan believes I should get a second scan as he is concerned about bubs protruding top lip.

    Of course I did the worst thing possible and looked this up on the internet to find cleft plate and harelip details. I know I heard at the ultrasound that harelip was ruled out? We just thought bub had a fat upper lip (looks like he is sucking on his bottom lip).

    Iím so scared as I have to wait until Monday for my second scan and at the same time I feel stupid cause I know it could be a lot worse!! My hormones are getting the better of me and I canít sleep and all I think about is if bub is ok.

    I just had to let this out, im trying to be strong for bub I mean nothings been confirmed so I guess you deal with it as it comes?

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    i dont know what that could mean but im just giving you a big
    Im sure everything will work out ok.
    Take care of yourself and your bub and try and keep busy

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    Thinking of you - think positive! At least with these kind of things (if that is what it is and the bubs wasnt just being a sulk and sucking his/her lip) they are operable and I know from friend who went thru this they can have great outcomes. Best of luck.

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    Jessie_fitz Guest


    Thanks to all of you lovely ladies for your kind words and support!!

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    Jessie fitz, keep your hopes up and stay strong for your bub as nothing is confirmed yet. Cleft lip/palate can be operated, but keep in mind that one u/s does not confirm everything. In the mean time, it could be your bub's sucking too much! I wish you all the best and hope that you will stay strong and keep busy. I know that it is worrisome to be faced with this, but remember, your bub needs you to stay strong to ensure a proper growth! WIsh you all the best with your upcoming scan as I am sure everything is okay!

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    Please try not to worry - hard as it is.

    The Dr might be worried about some conditions which cause the lower jaw to be small - maybe that's what they want to double check. I wouldn't go back looking at the internet on this again until after the next scan - you'll just frighten yourself as there are a ton of 'possibles' and you may get worked up for no good reason. Just take deep breaths, wait for the ultrasound, ask specific questions and get the Dr to write the answers down for you (if there are medical terms, you want to make sure you get them right!).

    Wishing you luck on Tuesday.

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    Hi Jes

    At my 12 week ultrasound the baby poked his tounge out during all the shots testing for Downs Syndrome diagnostic testing, it looked quite strange indeed! They check for everything these days so just be rest assured that you are in good hands, which by the sounds of it you are.

    Please let us know how you go.

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