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    LEAKING breasts

    Does anyone else have this embarrassing problem. I'm almost 26wks into my first pregnancy, everything seems pretty "normal" except my boobs leak for no reason. I'll just be sitting watching Tv (without a bra on) and I feel a wet feeling on the inside of my shirt and there we boobs have leaked again. It actually has been known to run down my tummy. I'm not even touching them and there is no pressure on them or anything and they leak! I notice if I wear a bra it doesn't happen, but I'm not wearing a bra when I'm relaxing watching TV before makes me too uncomfortable. Anyone else had the same problems? Any suggestions y this could b happening to me? Any suggestions on how to deal with it? It's rather embarrassing as I automatically say Oh not again and my SIL asks what, looks at me and goes EWW gross!
    It's not as if I can help it tho!
    Oh well. Help me out if u can girls. If I HAVE to wear a bra untill bed time I guess I will, but I'd rather not be made too uncomfortable.
    Thanks Girls

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    It is quite normal Katkins, it used to happen to me as well and begins to happen around the 20wk mark. It is nothing to the leakage you get when your milk comes in after birth though lmao

    Love :smt049

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    Just a quick suggestion for helping ease the embarrassment. Buy one of those crop top type bras (even a size too big) to relax in as they are quite comfortable and put the breastfeeding pads inside to soak up the "spills". The crop top bra will also be useful to sleep in when you have had the baby 'cos sometimes you may feel like you need some "support".

    At least if you are planning to b/feed you can look on the bright side and know you will have lots of milk!!! lol. A bit of a pain tho' if you were planning to bottle feed.
    Don't be embarrassed - remember thats what bbs were made for!!

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    Jul 2004
    in a land of screaming kids.

    Thanks girls. I had a feeling it was fairly normal, only my older sis said she's never had that problem and she goes braless nearly all the time (she got used to it with number one and now hates wearing them). I think my lil girl's going to be a guts. She's going to have plenty of milk to drink when she gets here! The crop top is a very good idea, only my boobs were 16E before I fell preg and now I fear I won't be able to find one to fit. Maybe I'll have to go to somewhere like De'Bras. Oh well, I can be happy knowing my lil bub will have more than enough food to keep her going.

    Thanks again!!!!

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    Hi Katkins,

    I had this leaking thing happening from week 21....(in the heat of Darwin...that smell of sour milk is revolting!) and like you, it only happened when I was not wearing a bra.

    I ended up getting some comfy 100% cotton bras and wore them all the time, along with some washable breast bads (I found this worked out a lot cheaper and comfier than disposable breast bads).

    I couldn't face a bra at night (before or after I had Olivia) so used to lay a soft towel under myself on my side of the bed, and simply changed hte sheets often.......

    (I am not sure if it is a sign of a plentiful supply or not, but I have certainly found it relatively easy to breastfeed and keep up with Olivia's appetite..)

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    Hi Katkins,

    I am also experiencing leaking breasts as of the last few weeks not that it drips down my stomach but it'll be around the size of twenty cent coin it is annoying and you feel all wet i bought some nursing pads for the breasts which are washable so they are okay but you cant wear them all the time so i know how you feel!!!

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    Hey Katkins,

    I had the leaking breasts with my first and now my second pregnancy. I also found using the breast pads would stop any embarassing moments. Once I delievered though I had lots of milk and my boobs looked like cow udders and I agree with Astro its nothing compared to the leakage you get when your milk comes through. I remember times when the milk would just squirt across the room. That was really embarassing. So don't worry your not the only one. ITs more of a pain really at the moment as you get that wet sensation and sticky feeling.