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    Bec Guest

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    Hi girls,

    I am now 22 weeks and at work I have to do some archiving and lift a few boxes filled with paper and stuff.

    I was wondering what is considered to heavy to lift? I am doing this slowly and trying not to lift to much at once, but I am a little worried I am going to lift a box that will weigh a ton.



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    mizzsocial Guest


    i have no idea what the limit is.. i guess just dont lift with your back, lift with your knees.. and take it easy..
    If a box is a little too heavy, dont even attempt it..go and ask someone for a quick hand moving it!

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    Hi Bec,

    I agree with mizzsocial, i wouldnt be lifting anything that causes me to strain at all. Nothing that you can pick up easily, if you find that a box is too heavy, get someone else to do it, im sure they will understand and you will feel better too!

    Good Luck!!

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    I am not sure what the weight limit is for lifting either. I wouldn't be lifting anything that would make you strain in anyway, personally I would get someone else to do the lifting for you.

    Be careful and please don't strain yourself in anyway.

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    I get the boys out the back to lift any boxes i have - is there someone that can move the boxes for you once you fill them?

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    Bec Guest


    Thanks girls.

    I ended up doing most of yesterday by myself as there were no men around grr.

    I did my best not to strain anything and I took a diffrent approach to moving the boxes and emptied them bit by bit so I didnt have to lift any.

    Today I have to fill them up so I am going to line them up and fill one box and have it in place allready so I dont have to lift it once it is filled.

    Last night I did have a bit of a sore back, but nothing a rest wont fix.


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