thread: Linea Nigra

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    Aug 2004
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    Min, I think it was Tanya from 3rd Tri who told me she got her stretch marks after birth, so it`s still important to keep up using the cream after birth until your skin goes back to pre pregnancy.

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    I mentioned this thread to DH last night and he said he could see a faint one. Not sure if he was telling the truth though as he is always stirring me about getting stretch marks. I still think it could have been the join in my maternity pants which go down the middle of my belly.

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    I read somewhere that women with paler skin aren't as likely to get a linea nigra.

    I have one. Not sure when it first appeared as I never noticed it until it was pointed out to me at 19w. Mine's not all that dark but it is noticable now and it goes all the way up to my boobs.

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    I didn't get stretch marks untill last week. I think I got them when I bent over to put on shoes and I felt really bad itching.
    With 2nd pg I was picking up DS all the time so the strain made more of them. Also I was slacker at moisturising.
    I had a feint linea nigra that was more noticeable after birth.
    What about boobie stretch marks. I swear Pamela Anderson would have been jealous when my milk came in. Now I've got heaps of little stretchmarks on them.