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    At 4:45 wednesday afternoon i went to my doctors appoint. Took me 45 mins to get there from work. In this time i had been busting to go to the toilet :S you know how it is with big belly and peeing.
    Any how my doctor wanted to hear heart beat so up on the table i got, and she started chekcing it out, we couldnt find its heart beat, we were there for about 5mins looking, in the 5 mins i was freaking out, i was almost in tears. She then asked me if i needed to go to the toilet and i said YES IM BUSTING and she said, go and wee and we will try again. We tried again and guess what....
    we could here it slightly and it got louder and my belly adjusted without having a full belly it was so funny, So as it was getting closer to the top of my belly instead of being push too my back we could here it clearer
    What a releif.

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    I can imagine how scary that was for you. I'm glad that you managed to hear your baby in the end.

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    Lorin Guest


    Yes its so amazing how fast there tiny little heart pump, doc says its double mine.

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    What a relief!

    With mine it took the doc a few minutes to locate his heartbeat also, but once locating it he said ive been chasing him around your stomack to get the heart beat hes an active little baby!
    My sister told me the same thing happened with her, that the baby does like the feeling of the doppler or something so they move away from it.

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    LOL That's actually quite funny Lorin!!

    The only time they weren't able to find Emerson's HB with the doppler was just the other day :eek:!

    He was squirming about in there and kept moving away. Made my heart jump into my throat for a few seconds there though! It was good when she got out the monitor and found the HB almost instantly!!!

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