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    Hey there everybody!
    I am a little concerned about bubby movements. For the past week and a bit I have been getting these pains (kind of like cramping) across the middle and lower part of my belly. My doc said possibly Braxton hicks. but then I started getting this unbelievable pressure down really low. It feels like that heavy feeling you get when you have your period. My concern is I am 26 weeks and have felt baby move quite strongly for a number of weeks and now since this pressure feeling has started he doesnt seem to be as strong with the movements.
    Has anyone else has this heavy pressure feeling and if so what was it?????
    Cheers Amy

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    It could be due to the fact that your baby is head down now and that's why you're feeling pressure. If you're worried at any stage definitely give your OB or midwife a call at the very least you will have peace of mind and that cannot be a bad thing.

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    The pressure you are feeling is more than likely due to the position of your baby.
    It is not unusual for your baby to put his head/foot/hand/bum down into your pelvis.
    The baby’s movements are often not as strong as your pregnancy progresses. Also your baby needs rest and some days he/she will not move as much as other days.
    Without seeing you I can not tell you exactly what is going on so just to make sure that everything is ok I would suggest that you get checked out.

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    I used to get exactly the same thing when pg with ds. He would headbutt my cervix and bladder to the point where I would nearly wet myself. I found giving him a poke or getting down on all fours would shift his position if it got too uncomfortable.

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