thread: Low lying placenta

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    Jul 2005

    Low lying placenta

    Does anyone have a story on whether their placenta, low lying at 20 weeks, moved up by the end?

    I have to have another scan at around 34 weeks to see if it's moved. It isn't over the cervix, just lying across the bottom, and has been since my first scan.

    Not particularly stressed, since only about 1 in 4 or 5 that are low lying stay that way, but I would like more info!

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    Sal Guest

    Hi Jennifer, I'll be able to let you know in a few weeks! I have a low-lying placenta (appeared to be completely covering the top of the cervix) that was picked up at the 18w scan. I'm having another scan at around 32w to see how it's going.

    I've been told that I shouldn't worry, especially as I've never had any bleeding.

    Will keep you posted.

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    May 2005
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    I have also been told that I have a low lying placenta, and will have to have another scan at 34 weeks to see if has moved up. I am not overly concerned about it. As long as bub is healthy I am happy.

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    The bottom half of your uterus starts growing in the third trimester so this is usually when the placenta moves up a great deal - only a tiny percent of women go on to have placenta praevia.
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    Hope2006 Guest

    Hi guys... add me to the list. At the moment, my placenta is totally covering the cervix. I am totally freaking out about haemorrhaging during third trimester. Is there anything you can do to avoid the bleeding? Does it happen to everyone with low-lying placenta? What percentage of those with complete placenta previa are 'better' by third trimester as opposed to those with just partial PP improving?

    Would love to hear your thoughts.
    Thanx guys.

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    Mar 2005

    Another one here too. My Obs is saying there is a 95% chance of it moving though.

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    My placenta was partially covering my cervix and I'm happy to say at my 34 week scan it had moved completely. I had a scan at 28 weeks and it hadn't moved so there is still plenty of time for it to move up.

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    clare076 Guest

    I had a low lying placenta on my 20 week scan and went back last week to get it re-checked. The placenta has moved well out of the way and bubs head has plenty of room in the birth canal.

    I was anxious for a while but then thought if it doesn't move this baby will still come out some how so why stress?

    Good luck


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    Hope2006 Guest


    I like your idea about not stressing.. i think i'll try that!

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    Jul 2005

    Saw my ob today and he's given me Clare's advice as well - not to worry, most of them move up. Also, the u/s report said it was 0.5cm away from my cervix, so I don't have Hope's problem of a covered cervix atm.

    Ob will have another u/s done at 32-33 weeks to check it, he says. Just after Christmas. I can't believe how soon that really is...!

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    Hope2006 Guest

    Thanks Jen, just rub it in!! (ha ha - just joking). I am sure we will all be fine in the end!

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    Bec Guest

    I have this too.

    I am not to worried I cant remember if it is cover my cervix or not, but I think it has plenty of time to move so I am not worried.


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    Sep 2005
    Portland Victoria

    Bec - I have a low lying Placenta and it is completely over my Cervix - I'm not worrying at all - this baby will comeout one way or another...
    Hope your's moves - I ave an U/S at 28 weeks

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    Sal Guest

    Well I had an u/s at 34w and my placenta has moved well out of the way. So I'm in the 95% of women who are lucky!

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    Hope2006 Guest

    Yaay! Congrats Sal! That is great news! I have a scan on Monday (28 weeks) to see if it has moved at all. I am so happy for you!

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    Jul 2005

    Hi All

    Glad to hear the good news for you, Sal.

    Sharon, good luck with your scan today. My ob isn't doing a scan until 32-33 weeks to see, but seemed fairly confident it would. At what stage do they normally check? And are there any clues earlier, ie from feeling movements, etc, that might indicate it has moved?


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    Sal Guest

    I think in my case I knew the placenta had moved, because when I had my midwife check-ups and they use the doppler to check the heartbeat, they had trouble finding the heartbeat directly i.e. not through the placenta. To get the direct heartbeat they had to put the probe right up under my I figured that my placenta couldn't be all the way in the front as well as down below covering my cervix too. So I wasn't worried.

    I was told at my morph scan to get rescanned at 32w along, but then the doc didn't order the scan until I was 34w. I think they don't check before 28w because it's not until about then that the uterus starts its major growth.

    Let's hope you get the all-clear.

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    Dec 2005
    KooWeeRup, Victoria

    My placenta was low lying with both of my kids and by both 34wk ultrasounds, yep, they had both moved right on out of the way!! \/

    Good Luck!! And try not to stress, if it doesn't move they know what they're doing!!