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Thread: Mastitis at 15wks?

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    Default Mastitis at 15wks?

    I just updated my journal so the whole story is in there.
    Not sure how to link it in here with the new look forum

    I woke up with mastitis this morning. I called the ER midwives to confirm what it is and I need to see my Dr tomorrow. I feel a bit better now after taking some panadine.
    How can this happen? I haven't had my baby yet! I should be greatful actually it would be even more painful if I had to breastfeed now.
    Has anyone else had it while pregnant?

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    Sorry Sonia, I havent had it at all while preg or breastfeeding. Hope you get some relief soon and someone can relate their story to yours.


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    Even though you haven't had your baby yet, you are still producing colostrum, so maybe it just got a bit blocked up. I don't think it will interfere with your breasfeeding when Bub does come though. Try having a hot shower (but not too hot) or even just putting a hot face washer on it to try to relieve it too.

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