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    Jun 2005

    Maternity Clothes Sizes


    I have a question which I hope is not to stupid to be asking.

    When buying Maternity clothes, do you usually buy the size that you are? I have always been a small size, so should I buy a small in Maternity clothes? I have just gone 18 weeks and am only just now not being able to wear my normal pants. Im still only small in the belly, should I get a pair of pants in small (which I have tried on and there is still a bit of growing room in them) now and see how big I get in a couple of weeks?

    Thanks for any replies.

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    Mar 2005
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    I think it depends on the clothes. I bought a pair of black maternity pants at the beginning and they are size 8. They have grown with me. THe jeans were size 10 and the top was a medium, so I just tried everything on. THe sales lady pretty much said you go with your sizing. I've found because the jeans are hipsters, that I haven't had to adjust them at all.
    good luck xo

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    Janie Guest

    Wow I was hoping to buy some stuff online from the states - perhaps I should re-think that? (When the time comes of course!)

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    Feb 2004

    I think it kind of depends on where you put on weight in your pg too, because maternity clothes mostly only accomodate your belly. I ended up buying things a size bigger than normal because my bum & arms got bigger too!!

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    I just went with what size I normally am or even a size smaller during pregnancy.I found pregnancy clothes( the bottoms) were generally to big, but I didn't put any weight on my hips or legs.

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    Well I've put on a bit of weight being pg (15kgs) and I found I fit into some size 12 (my regular size before pg) and some size 14, it just depends on the make of the clothes. But usually I would go for my normal size first in maternity wear and then if that felt too small go to the next size up.

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    Jan 2005

    I have been in maternity clothes (well bottoms) since about 15 weeks.
    I mostly bought my normal size, or 1 size either way, but would strongly advise to try them on, as I found even within the same brand (I think its pea in a pod) that I was different sizes in different styles.

    I'm 39 weeks tomorrow, and its only really in the last week that they've started to feel a bit tight

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    Wilson Guest

    Wow I was hoping to buy some stuff online from the states - perhaps I should re-think that? (When the time comes of course!)
    i bought my maternity clothes from the US and they have been great, super cheap and fit beautifully. I did a google search for size conversion chart but a lot were labelled as S M L XL etc so i just bought what i normally would cept for pants i went one size bigger i think it was...

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    Custardtart Guest

    Like Beth said, a lot of it depends on where you put your weight on, which varies from person to person. I noticed that I put a lot more on the thighs this time than I did with the last pregnancies, and also that I immediately went up a bust size, which didn't happen before - so my weight distribution varied from pregnancy to pregnancy!

    Sizes and styles vary a lot too, so I'd be trying items on before buying - but I've never been a 'standard' bodyshape anyway.


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    Feb 2005
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    i bought all my maternity clothes in my normal size and they were fine. like the others said, it also depends on whether you put weight on elsewhere, but i think most of the maternity wear allows for a bit of that also.