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    Hi All,

    can anyone recommend the Mountain Buggy Urban Elite as the pram to buy? Or anyone have anything bad to say about it, apart from the price$$$$$ My main issue is weight, and I know this is one of the lighter prams and was recommended by Choice magazine a few years ago.


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    Smile Mountain buggy...


    I had a mountain buggy and it was the best jogger / pram.
    It is very light weight and so easy to manouver I used to use 1 finger
    to push it around... actually it just glides !
    You will not be dissapointed !
    I use the tense "had" because I sold it as I have no need for it now.
    If we have another baby I will either buy another one or "test drive"
    the new bugaboo prams. They are even lighter than the mountain buggy
    and have four wheels which is better for sturdiness. It allows the seat / bassinett
    to be positioned towards you or face away from you which I think is a positive.
    Good luck and let me know what you decide ?

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    we just bought the beema q elite and i think the only real diff to the mountain buggy is really the price. the beema is almost half the price. according to choice magazine they r both equally as good

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    The Mountain Buggy Elite is brilliant. I haven't used it for my bub yet - obviously!! - but used it when I had a girlfriend's bub for the day. It was brilliant and I'm very glad I spent the extra money.

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