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Thread: This is my first pregnacy

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    Tessa Guest

    Default This is my first pregnacy

    this is my first pregnacy and every little cramp scares me what can i do to calm my self down? also how do i get everyone to quit tuching my tummy it drives me crazy!

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    Hi Tessa and welcome to BB. Congrats on your first pg!!! How exciting for you. I also hated anyone touching my belly too - at any stage of pg. If anyone looked like they were going to I'd just ask them politely not too. Thats about all you can do I think.

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    DoubleK Guest


    i havent had many encounters where people touch my belly, apart from my partner, my mum nan and brother love feeling the baby kick, and im more than happy to let them feel!

    as for the worrying, i am the same. i always come and post up a problem, and usually find its nothing to worry about!

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    Hi Rachel

    My first preg too although I've only had one person rub my belly (and I didn't like it)..

    I read somewhere, I think it was "Up the Duff" by Kaz Cooke that you can do the same back to them, rub their tummy and ask them if they like that!

    I see too you're going to be a young mum so I hope everything goes well for you!

    Because of my age (and mainly financial position) its doubtful if we will have any more kids. Take care!

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