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    julesy Guest

    Default no movement yet!

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone was quite late in feeling any movement with their first pregnancies? This is my first, and while I am medium build, my tummy is definately 'bulging' and getting a bit firm too, but I am sure I haven't felt any flutters or any other sort of movement. I have been very gassy (TMI, sorry), so maybe I can't feel it because of this??

    I need some reassurance! My next scan isn't until next week, it's so hard to wait!!


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    maggie Guest


    Hi, i am almost 19weeks, and only the last week beginning to feel more and more flutters. they say between 18-22 weeks, but depends on your build. one of my closest preg friends is 22weeks, and she is very skinny & has a bump, hasnt felt anything yet, but when she has a scan the baby is moving around everywhere. so every one is different..

    They also say for your 1st preg, it can take longer, this is also my 1st, so exciting isnt it....

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    julesy Guest


    it's very exciting. when I feel bub move, it will be even more incredible. I think somehow it will then be very 'real', won't it?

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    mooshie Guest


    exactly as emma said.

    all 3 of my pregnancies i have had my placenta as anterior and i don't get much movement at all - never had the huge boots or anything i usually start to feel slight flutters or bubbles at around 18wks. you should start feeling something any day soon.

    good luck

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    i am nearly 20 weeks julesy, and still have not felt anything. actually, i felt something two weeks ago, but only for one day and nothing since. i've had a scan, so i know everything is fine.... just my bub is being kind to me (or saving up those big kicks for later on!!)

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    As everyone has said, it's perfectly normal for the first not to feel anything until around 20 weeks. Though, in saying that, with my first i felt huge kicks at 16 weeks, which is apparently rare.

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    Hi Julesy

    Don't worrry hun everything is OK. You can expect to start to feel movements in the next week or two.

    Yes to feel movements at 16 weeks with your first is very uncommon

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