thread: Ouch!! I think I have Cystitis....

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    Jul 2005

    Ouch!! I think I have Cystitis....

    Hi there All

    Just wondering has anyone else suffered from cystitis (UTI) during the pg's??

    It's come out of the blue - like literally within 1/2hour - i was feeling OK and then all of a sudden felt a stinging/tingling feeling after going to the loo which has hung around throughout the evening.... #-o I've also got the begginings of a head cold - maybe it's all linked some how....

    What can i take for this?? Don't think it's full blown at this point but trying to ward it off before it gets worse....don't want to go on Antibiotics if i can avoid it.... [-o< that only makes other things worse

    Any advice will HELP!!!


    dianna O

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    Oct 2003
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    ah Dianna I'm sorry to say but I would definately see a Dr about cystitis. It is commen in PG and something they want to know about. I would drink a few glasses of cranberry juice & water and see if its still painful and if it is off to the Dr.

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    Sal Guest

    Dianna, it quite often happens from about 20w in pregnancy (so I've read) as the muscle holding the ureters becomes more relaxed. I'd see a doc for sure, in the mean-time Christy's advice about cranberry juice (and just drinking HEAPS of water) is very good.

    Hey, how come you haven't joined us lovely ladies in pregnancy buddies - due in January thread?!?!?

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    kerry Guest

    I had cysitis on and off for the first 16 weeks (more on than off). I have a few underlying kidney problems.

    Cranberry juice is good.

    PLEANTY of water is better.

    Ural is ok and my OB says that it is fine to have when pg. (Drink)

    However I would say go and see your doctor. Depending on the cause of the cystits (ie the bacterium) there may be some other concerns. I don't mean to stress you and don't worry as something like 98% of uti's during pregnancy are fine. Just for piece of mind please see the doc.

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    Jul 2005

    Hey there all

    Thanks for your advice - I'm skulling cranberry juice like there's no tommorow....

    About Ural - I actually called my Pharmacist last night in desperation and they told me NOT to take I'm wondering now am I suffering in vain?? mmmmmmmmm interesting - as i know if i just took one sachet this feeling would go away....ironically i was treated for a bladder infection when i fell pregnant it turned out to be something a little more permanent

    The pain seems to have subsided with all the juice anyway - but I'm going to monitor it over the next day or 2 and see how I go - obviously if it gets worse I'll be biting the bullet and seeing my GP.....

    I'm hoping I can hold out though as I have my next Clinic appointment on Monday....I'll play it by ear - at this exact moment i'm starting to feel better - but then again maybe my head cold is just getting worse... #-o

    Hey Sal - I promise to check out the January buddies section

    talk soon

    di O

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    Feb 2005
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    Ural is exactly the same as Eno (used for heartburn) and I've been told that's safe... I have it every night to settle the heartburn at bedtime! (Still not quite sure how the one product can treat 2 such different conditions, but if you look at active ingrediants they are identical!!)

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    Aug 2005

    I am the queen of UTI's. I think we conceived at the end of my last infection, they are really yukky and the best thing is to combine ural with water and then chase down with stacks of cranberry juice and drink lots of water.

    The ural box says nothing about not taking it when pg. Definitely ask the doc as i find the pharmacists aren't always 100% on details. I imagine the rule of thumb for them is say no unless they know otherwise for certain.

    An active ingredient is sodium so it might be wise to cut down on salt until things settle down.. best suggestion I could give as others have already said is ask your doc ASAP and in the meantime drink heaps of cranberry juice. My doc is doing a urine test soon just in case as they like to know what is happening in the urinary tract.



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    Mar 2005
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    I went in to hospital about a month ago and they thought it was cystitis. I had cramps but no stinging when going to the loo. It may just be thrush. Although, flu like symptoms are common with cystitis I think. Get checked to be sure.
    ALso I have a small tub of natural yoghurt every day and it keeps thrush away. (I mix some pureed fruit with it).

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    Aug 2004
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    Dianna, Please go and see someone asap about your UTI, it`s very common throughout pregnancy but if left it can quickly turn to Pyelonephritis, and this is an incredibly painful condition.

    At 24 weeks pregnant I came down with a UTI (first one in pregnancy), I rang my OB took a urine sample into the pathology but before the results came back I went to hospital with 40 plus degree temps and in incredible pain, I was put on a drip for 4 days with IV antibiotics and Panadol every 4 hours to bring my temp down, yes I exceeded the recommended doses of panadol as they had to bring my temp under control.

    I would not like to see you go through this painful experience of Pyelonephritis, it comes on so very quickly, so please go to the Dr to be checked out and if it`s a UTI they will prescribe antibiotics which is fine to take during pregnancy, after being hospitalised I was on antibiotics for the rest of my pregnancy, my boy was a happy healthy little boy when born 1 week overdue.

    Take Care