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Thread: pains in tummy

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    Default pains in tummy

    ive been experiencing a few pains in my tummy today, i'm not sure if i should be going to see my doctor or not...

    its not like an unbearable pain, just discomfort, but its been all day, this morning all ove, then just at the top now my lower tummy feels really tight and hard.

    does this sound like a normal symptom? or should i be worried?!
    if it doesnt go away i may go and see my doctor just for piece of mind.


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    Hi Rachy,
    I dont think its anything to worried about just yet it actually inda sounds like branxton hicks which is kinda like false labour pains. I had the same thing over the weekend and my sister who has a 1yr old said she had same thing too and it was branxton hicks. They are normal as is some cramping as everything stretches. if theres no bleeding or any discoloured mucous or anything like that i wouldnt be too woried but if you are call the hospital and ask to speak to a midwife if they want you to come in then please go. A lot of people will say that branxton hicks arnt supposed to hurt but every woman is different and majority of women i have spoken too say that they do. There is another thread on branxton hicks somewhere on belly belly cant remember where though or do a google search on them and see what it comes up with.
    If you are too worried please seek medical advice though, a quick phone call to your local hospital should provide needed peace of mind.
    Have a great day

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    It sounds to be like Braxton Hicks..

    Always mention it to your doctor just in case

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    Hi Rach

    It sounds like Braxton Hicks.
    What I will do over the next couple of days is put together a list of Braxton Hicks sumptoms and a list of labour symptoms

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    Geniebean Guest


    How far along are you? If in first or second trimester...I think it sounds like your uterus stretching. It was an unbearably uncomfortable pain for me but nothing to worry about. Now I get the baby punching me instead. At least I know something's moving in there.

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    It really does sound like braxton hicks. I had a lot of sharp pains in my pelvis when i was preg around the time that i should have been due for AF, and they were nothing to worry about.

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