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Thread: Painting Fumes??

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    Just a quick question, have heard several different opinions on this. We want to paint a few rooms in the house, had intended to but then I found out we were pregnant so we have put it off because I was told the fumes were bad for the baby. Im now 17w2d so wondering if it is safer now Im in the 2nd tri or is it better to wait till after the baby is born?

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    i have heard wait till the baby is born i have a friend who was born deaf and the only thing the drs could pin point was that her mother was painting in the late 2nd to early 3rd tri....
    maybe ask a dr??? there might be certain paints that are ok now i am not sure because this was over 20 years ago

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    Check out this post

    I think 20 years ago, paints were lead based?


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    Thanks for that Nic, I am 31 weeks and we are madly rushing to finish renos, which includes sanding plastering and painting. I will definately not be in the house though when the floors get polished

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