thread: Pelvic Floor Muscle Problems...?

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    Pelvic Floor Muscle Problems...?

    Hi everyone

    Unusual question, but being first time pregnant I don't know what to expect. I am just over 13 weeks pregnant, which I believe is now commencing the 2nd trimester. I have noticed recently that I am unable to stop myself from urinating - midstream. This I have had no problem with in the past and is a good test for checking out your pelvic floor muscles. I have heard that incontinence is a common ailment with pregnancy but i always thought it referred to late pregnancy (the weight of the baby), or a problem developed after labour due to the straining. Surely not this early.....?

    I admit I'm not a regular PFM exerciser, though I have increased them since finding out that I am PG, so I'm not sure that this is a genuine pregnancy ailment or whether I just had bad PFM in the first place. If this is a problem will things be later in the pregnancy...?

    Would love any feedback.


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    Welcome to BellyBelly! I would probably start doing your PFM asap, do you have a physiotherapist near by? They deal with this sort of problem and can give you the best advice to help strengthen your PFM in time for labour. Doing them now will be really beneficial during and after labour. Good luck!
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    I don't know if the product is still available. But a girl I used to know used Epi-No when she was pregnant (its a little device to help strengthen PFM's) and she said it worked wonders. Its also meant to reduce episiotomies too.

    If anyone else has tried one how did you go with it?


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    I think the relaxin hormone plays havoc with your pelvic floors, not just the weight of the baby. I read somewhere that relaxin stretches all your connective tissues and they never go back to the way they were.

    I've never had any problems stopping 'mid-wee', so I never thought it would ever be an issue, but I had a shocking cough a few weeks ago and I think all that coughing exhausted/stressed my PFM and I had a little accident when I sneezed. Now I'm doing the excercises cos I've experienced the alternative first hand!! If you have Kaz Cookes Up the Duff book, she describes it perfectly #-o

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    Use your partner occasionllly to practise your PF ex's on - he'll be happy!! If you've got somthing to hang on to you can feel them working much better.
    Don't try to do too many at a time - aim to do 8-10, holding each for 8-10 secs. Should be a strong contraction the whole way thru - if you can only hold them strongly for 5 secs then work at that for a bit and then gradually increase. also do quick ones cos they're the ones you need when you sneeze!!
    Whatever you do don't use the midstream wee test more than once a week - if you keep trying to stop yourself on the loo it can upset your bladder function
    Aim for about 80 per day - sounds a lot but if you sat and watched tv for an hour and did 5 every ad break you 'd have done at least 1/2 your quota for the day!