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Thread: Pelvic soreness/nerve pain

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    Default Pelvic soreness/nerve pain

    Hi Ladies,

    I was just wondering if anyone has experienced pelvic soreness at all or any ligaments stretching down there. I am finding it worse when I am wearing tighter fitting clothes. It is not causing me distress but I want to know if it is normal. It just feels like I have to empty my bladder all the time as that ads to the soreness in the pelvic area.

    Other question, does this get worse as you progress? I bet if we could all lay down all day we wouldn't feel it so bad heheh.

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    Hi Angelique,
    Pelvic and ligament pain is really common - specially in first time mums. There is a whole heap of stretching that needs to happen!! A good idea might be to try and look at some muscular pictures of pregnant women, so you get a better idea of what is actually going on in your body. The spine curvature and muscle separation is out of this world!!
    Heat packs may help, or even try some panadol, even panadiene forte if its really bad. I went into emergency becasue of really bad pains at about 16-17 weeks, and the OB told me not to be a hero, and to take osme pain relief!! Charming huh?
    Also, my osteo helped alot with pelvic pain, specially towards th end of the pregnancy. I actually had little knots in my pubic area, and she worked them all out (kinda strange while I was in there, but immense relief afterwards!!)
    Good luck,

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    Hi Angelique

    Yes this is normal. Often the pain will ease but then come back later in your pregnancy.
    Your body is starting to release a hormone called relaxin. This hormone causes all your joints and ligaments to loosen relax. This makes a little more room for the baby to be born.

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